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What Makes a Successful Mobile App

Creating a successful app is not all about long codes and programming perseverance. However, building a successful app requires few of the things to fall in right place.

Think of mobile applications as your user’s friend who is always there to solve their problems and to make things easier for them. Because mobile is all about providing a solution, everyone does it right. However, the question is how effectively your mobile app can contribute in providing a cohesive experience to the end users.

There are plenty of things which goes inside a mobile app to make it successful, below are few of the important things to bear in mind for making a successful app.

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Name it right

Everything is in the name. Get a catchy name, easy to search, easy to pronounce. Nothing disappoints users more than a misleading app name. Therefore, is pretty necessary to call your app well so that it stays in users mind and tongue for a longer time. Take a look at few of the examples of a successful mobile app which empathizes on the name alignment with it purpose-solving competences.

  • Uber is casual and easy – doesn’t reflect the purpose though.
  • Runtastic – little tricky but says a lot about purpose.
  • Sketchpad – easy conveys usability by its name.

Key is to add attraction blended with element for making it go viral.

Solves problem

Help users solve the problem more efficiently. An app is useless if it does not focus on solving end user’s problems. True, business is providing a solution, but the mobile app should also become the part of such business strategy to provide practical solutions on the go.

  • Solving fundamental problems – e.g.; amazon – addresses consumer’s needs of various products.
  • Integrating Enhancements – e.g.; Radiant colors capes to reflect weather conditions

The key is to solve problem by creating a need.

Knowing the audience

Know, and understand the users. Offering uniqueness with problem-solving capabilities is the correct path of making the app more successful. The ideal way to market the mobile app is by tapping the pulse of user’s requirements and delivering what they expect. Targeting the McDonalds happy meal lovers for the diet and fitness app is like digging the grave for your app. It is imperative to connect with the audience for the success of mobile app, and this is only possible when you get your audience accurately

  • Listen: The Gesture Music Player – Gives creative liberty to gesture-focused users.
  • Destiny App: The ultimate gamer’s paradise ­– Community driven gaming app portal.

Connects users with same interests

The key is to get the pulse of your app users

Fast and Stable

No crashing, no slowdown, and does what people want it to do– smoothly. It is very crucial to offer a speedy solution to the end-users while maintaining the consistency or else the entire purpose of app development can go on a toss. Frequent change in the design, alteration with navigation, and change of content can severely damage the credibility of an app.

  • Tap n sell: Yields fast results and in-depth analysis of products on sale. Three click and you can either buy or sell things – quickly.

The key is to increase stickiness by providing quick and easy, result oriented navigation.

Intuitive app usability

There is one thing which is common in all the successful mobile apps. They make things easy for users and offer. It is best to improve App usability intuitively making sure your app is free of bugs and crashes. The ultimate purpose of any mobile app is to scale the usability gradually by offering best of the app proposition intrinsically.

  • Clear app has an unusual approach on the to-do list. Help de-clutter your daily tasks with clear and elegant interface. The key is to couple great concept with fantastic usability

Mobile apps can achieve success when every single user touch points are taken care of rigorously. Also, these touch-points should aim to improve with time so as to give better user experience. People love to see new things in apps, occasional upgrades, and regular maintenance is sure to make an app great.

What Makes a Successful Mobile App
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