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Technology Is Tackling The Fight Against Pests In A Remarkable Way


For years pest control and extermination have been a relatively straightforward process. Normally it’s the use of traps and chemicals that solves a whole host of pest problems. Those methods are still effective, but the technological advances over the past few years is really changing the future of pest control.

More and more companies are using pest control tools that make the job a lot safer, faster and easier for the technicians. Here we are going to look at some of the latest pest control gadgets being used in the UK. Some of the top pest control companies in London, such as Empire Ltd, are using these kinds of cutting-edge methods.

Electronic Traps

The humble mouse trap has had an upgrade. These electronic traps work for all rodents and are being hailed as the more humane way of rodent control.

The electronic rodent traps are more effective and use bait to lure the rodent across the sensors. This then triggers the trap to electrocute them. You can use these traps more than once, and there’s even an app you can get that tells you when it’s been triggered.


drone pests control

Drones are being used more and more in loads of different industries, and the pest control industry is no exception. Many pest controllers are using drones that can fly up and check the roofing of buildings. This makes pest controllers job a lot safer because they don’t need to climb up there. This way, they know what pests they’re dealing with, without risking their safety.

Sonic Wands

Sonic wands are helping control the populations of a lot of different insects – mainly mosquitoes. These devices use a high-frequency sound that kills insect larvae wherever they may be. It’s a completely safe and non-toxic pest control option, with no chemicals being used that could pollute water.

Thermal Imagery

pest extermination using thermal technology

A thermal imaging camera works on a whole range of pests. Pest controllers can pick up the heat coming off pests on the walls, making it a lot easier to locate pests that may be nesting in wall cavities. It’s a really helpful tool to have and saves a lot of time.

Technology is used in pest control really is impressive, and it’s made pest control a lot more efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

Technology Is Tackling The Fight Against Pests In A Remarkable Way
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