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SendPulse – For Email Marketing Services with Atomic Results

SendPulse Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the easiest and the most cost-effecting marketing tools for a business. However, if you are not careful about the type of email marketing service you are choosing then chances of losing money is at risk. Besides, without the right features and deliverability, investing on an email marketing service might just as well go down the drain.

At least, you need to make sure that the marketing service you choose offers features like bulk email, SMS and web push notifications.

SendPulse services

There’s more and SendPulse has more to talk about when we consider the features and how is it going to help one during email marketing.

1. Multiple Campaigns

Think of the endless possibilities when it comes to conducting an email marketing campaign. You can conduct not just email campaign. But in case if you feel like your target audience have missed the campaign, then what you can do is follow up with a push notification. Again, if you feel the need of strengthening your marketing strategy, then you can use the all the three campaigns together.

sendpulse layout template editor

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a popular feature and everybody is talking about it. Even SendPulse will soon. But why? Because it promises you so much more than just email marketing. Like –

  • Full-time optimization and delivery of email, mobile, web push, SMS.
  • Additional email personalization

Artificial Intelligence promises improved subject and content optimization that aims to heighten curiosity level and improve open rates by 30 percent. SendPulse AI will automatically choose the best time of delivery based on time when your target audience will be interactive the most.

3. Rest API

Control your email marketing capabilities using Rest API that gives engineers endless control when it comes to deciding how to start an email marketing campaign.

sendpulse rest api

4. Customized Email Templates

You can create and customize your own email design using SendPulse’s drag and drop editor as well as picking one out of its hundreds of existing email templates.

All email campaigns are fully responsive so that they look good on the computer screen as well as any other device screen.

sendpulse drag and drop editor

sendpulse editor

5. Report Analytics

Monitor the progress of your email marketing campaign through reports and analysis on the number of emails that were sent, the number of mails that were opened, and the number of emails that were actually clicked by the receiver.

sendpulse campaign statistics reportsendpulse campaign statistics devices

6. Easy Automation and Integration

Manage all your email marketing campaigns through SendPulse one single dashboard that will help you to create series of customer targeted communications, integrations, and overall effectiveness among your target audience.

sendpulse automated series-activate-sms

7. Don’t Worry About the Technical Side

Since there is a backend technical team to take care of the technical aspects. SendPulse’s excellent IP reputation and compliance with all the requirements guarantee high inboxing rates.

8. Last But Not the Least – Choose the Best Service

The SendPulse service has been one among the three finalists of the Next Web Scale program that was held back in 2016. Not just that but it was also recognized as the best startup for the year 2016.

Something about this hints at the fact that SendPulse is always trying to bring to the market some of the best features that will help you to achieve the edge over the rest of their customers.


With so many features to try on one place, it’s time to take the power of marketing in your hands. Make your email marketing simple and effective with SendPulse – a powerful email automation platform that instantly gets you additional conversions and sales within your current contact list. No additional efforts and no additional expenses.

SendPulse – For Email Marketing Services with Atomic Results
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