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KeyWordCup App – Finally an App to Put Your Vocabulary to Test


Are you a wordsmith or a Grammar Nazi? Love to play when it’s a game of words? How many times have you thought that a word gaming app would have completed your app collection? Looking for that perfect game to spend some quality time for your grandchildren?

Then download the KeyWordCup app and turn your game into an interactive one.

The KeyWordCup App

The app is only available for iPad users for now and hopefully it will be soon available for Android and iPhone users as well. The KeyWordCup app is a single-device multiplayer word game available only in English language. However, I am sure the developers at Joynuzz AB are working on expanding their language base since this app would soon become popular among other language speaking users.

KeyWordCup App review

If you are wondering what kind of game you can play in this app, then here is a little overview of what kind of game to expect from this app –

  • A Multiplayer Hangman–It’s a multiplayer hangman subtract the violence
  • Look for the Hidden Word– Players will have guess the letters missing from a word. They can do this by choosing words from a randomly selected list that are provided to the players at every stage. You can set the time limit for each guess and make your game more interesting.
  • Three Player Limit –A maximum of three players can play this game from a single iPad. Other than that, the players need to be of minimum 8+ years.
  • Three Vocabulary Levels–Users can put their vocabulary power to test at three levels – Easy, Medium and Hard. Players at the first level will find a list of almost 3000 common and useful words. The medium and the hard level include tens of thousands of words

ipad app review

App UI

  • The app comes with a simple UI design. Depending on the number of players, users would be provided with a virtual keyboard.
  • In addition, you can also customize your keyboard color by choosing one of your favorite colors.
  • The choice of words used in the app are absolutely non offensive and are no different from how they appear in a dictionary.

Benefits of Using the App

  • A chance to increase your vocabulary power in a fun and interactive way.
  • A chance to spend some good quality time with your grandchildren.
  • A chance to prove that you are still the boss when it comes to knowing every English Words by heart.

In fact, there are more than one benefit of using this app. So why not download the app and see for yourself right now!

Here is a to the page link from where you can download –

itunes app store logo

KeyWordCup App – Finally an App to Put Your Vocabulary to Test
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