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How Greenpeace Found More Target Audience With Pinterest?

So… I was reading this article on the importance of social media marketing this year in 2015 and came across this infographic on social media statistics for the year 2014. I have read a dozen reports on how marketers can benefit from using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+…but something about the recent Pinterest statistics made me grow curious. Here is what the following statistics read:

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For some time now, despite reading so many articles on social media strategy online, Facebook and Twitter were the only two primary focus of my attention. As a result, I have never thought of giving much attention to Pinterest until I came across this infographic and started looking up for brands who had benefited from using Pinterest in their social media marketing strategy.

And look what I found – Its GREENPEACE!

About GreenPeace

Greenpeace is a leading campaign organization, known for holding peaceful protest and creative communication campaigns inorder to reach different audience that will help them expose global environment problem and find better solution.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy by GreenPeace

Unlike other organizations, GreenPeace does not follow simple marketing strategies like posting on Facebook or on Twitter. Rather, it makes use of this visual social sharing platform to share images with their followers that in turn, helps them to drive more traffic to specific campaign related landing pages or directly to their website.

Number of followers GreenPeace has as of now – By now, the organization has over 1000s of pins on 64 boards and approximately 11,895 followers and provides outstanding marketing results.

But, what makes GreenPeace use Pinterest in their strategy?

Let us first make a comparative study between Pinterest and another similar social media platform like Twitter. For this, I did a thorough research to understand the user behavior on both Twitter and Pinterest and here is what I found out –

You might have less number of followers on Pinterest but your image will be pinned double the time than your Twitter post.

For this, I did a thorough research to understand the user behavior on both Twitter and Pinterest and here is what I found out-

A Content Gets Shared More On Pinterest Compared To Twitter

Statistics show that people spend an average of twenty-one minutes on Twitter. Twitter comes with a timeline that gets updated constantly. Twenty-one minutes is too short a time if we are to consider the speed at which the timeline gets posted with fresh new tweets. Users would rather spend those twenty one minutes to schedule their own tweets or catch up with the latest news that appear in the above fold o f the timeline.

Pinterest on the other hand, has users spending an average time of one and a half hours daily. If a pinner takes an average of one hour daily to pin their content, then there is still thirty more minutes left. The pinner can spend this additional thirty minutes to look around and repin any picture he/she likes.

This might be a reason why Greenpeace is one among the reputed brands to make the fullest use of Pinterest in their marketing strategy.

How Does Greenpeace Use Pinterest To Market Their Campaign?

#1 – By planning A Well Defined Strategy

Every kind of internet marketing strategy needs a proper plan to begin with. The posts that are pinned on Pinterest prove that Greenpeace has a clear strategy with them. This helps them to have a clear goal as to what they would want to accomplish with each pins posted online.

#2 – By Studying Carefully Their Target Audience

By having a proper idea as to who their target audience are, Greenpeace can strategically make use of the right type of content. As a charity organization, you would notice that the content shared on their Pinterest platform ranges from nature to fashion. This helps them reach different kind of target audience for their campaign and service.

#3 – By Having a Clear Set of Goal Plans

Pintest is a leading social platform touted for drawing referral traffic. Therefore, it is essential that you have a clear set of goals in your mind that would help you to draw good quality back links. Click on any one of Greenpeace Pinterest image and you would find yourself enter the organization’s website.

Hope this helps you get some inspiration to start using your Pinterest account efficiently. Moreover, if you are looking for more inspiration, then read on to know how others are using Pinterest …

Brands Other Than GreenPeace That Use Pinterest for Their Brilliant Strategy

  • Birchbox

A brand that provides subscription on beauty related service, they use Pinterest to run beauty contest campaign successfully. Birchbox uses seasonal and product based content for cross promotion and direct and indirect marketing. One such example is the sharing of ‘unboxing’ videos and beauty tips and tricks taken directly from Birchbox tv.

  • Scholastic

This is one of those book publishers to use Pinterest for posting pictures of book covers. You would find pinboads for different books like Harry Potter or Hunger Games. Scholastic also has pin boards dedicated to Scholastic Book Clubs and Offices. Apart from this, they also take a creative approach to indirect marketing, creating pin boards on topics like ‘Libraries We Love’, ‘Teacher Appreciation’, ‘Libraries We Love’, ‘Wise Words’, ’Beautiful Bookshops, etc.

  • Whole Foods

Whole Foods make use of diverse content for the promotion and reinforcement of its brand promise. It uses the Pinterest pin board to publish posts on topics like green living, recycling, holidays, cool kitchen and more. Other than posting on pin board, Whole Sale engages in repining and following other Pinterest members.

Do you have a brilliant Pinterest social media marketing strategy just like them? If yes, how do you plan to use it this year in 2015 with the new social media stats of Pinterest?

How Greenpeace Found More Target Audience With Pinterest?
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