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Fennex – Augmented Hearing App Review: Sound Experience Amplified

Fennex Augmented Hearing Solution App Review

Sound is like joy and so is when you get to hear your loved ones speaking to you. But what if hearing is a problem itself? That’s what augmented hearing solution keeps check. Introducing the Fennex app for augmented hearing. But first, let’s clear up what an augmented hearing solution can do –

Augmented Hearing Solution

Augmented hearing takes the sound in your surrounding area to the next level. It amplifies the surround sound in the environment, by customizing the volume, creating a balance, identifying the compression, the high and low frequencies, as well as the equalizers. This way, you get the best hearing solution even when you are sitting in a noisy place where hearing to a particular something or someone becomes next to impossible.

A augmented hearing solution like Fennex will easily navigate through any noisy solution that interferes with the sound that you intend to hear. Its advanced features allow in-depth customization of hearing based on any specific needs. The hearing solution also comes with several standard settings made for personal environments like a meeting, a car, or on tap.

But the hearing solution does not come with any additional device. It comes with the form of an app that users can download in their iPhone and adjust their headphone into a personal hearing amplifier.You can use the app on your iPhone, iPods and iPads.

To get a hands-on review about the app, see the video here, where GianlucaTrombetta talks about the app and its user experience.

Key Highlights of the Fennex Augmented Hearing Solution

So you know what the Fennex Augmented Hearing Solution is all about. It’s time to look into the key features that highlight the app’s usability and functions

1. An Augmented Personal Amplifier

With the Fennex Augmented Hearing Solution, you can turn your personal hearing solution into an amplifier.

2. Test in Your Surrounding Environment

Once you have adjusted the hearing functionalities by going to the settings of the app, it’s time to test the setting in your surrounding environment. What the Fennex Augmented does is that it allows users to customize the sound according to one’s hearing abilities.

So as soon as you hear a sound, just tap on the central button to make your preferred adjustment.

apple fennex app airpods augmemted hearing

3. Choose Your Standard Scene

Using the Fennex, you can adjust the sound of your surrounding environment as per the surrounding environment that you are seen. The Fennex hearing aid will provide you will options to adjust your hearpods according the scene that you are in.

4. Edit Your Sound Presence

So it’s like designing your own sound map by editing certain sounds that stand in your way. The Fennex hearing solution provides you options to balance your left and right hearing pods, the hi frequency presence and the low frequency limit. As a result, you can remove any unwanted sound that stand in your way.

Fennex app

5. Adjust Your Hearing Ability using the Equalizer Adaptor

You can adapt the treble, mid and bass sounds according to your surrounding environment.

Understanding How the Fennex Augmented Hearing Solution Works

fennex app augmemted hearing

The augmented hearing solution is said to use four different microphones on your mobile device that functions as the source of input. These are –

  • The first one is the iPhone Bottom
  • The second one is iPhone Top
  • The third one is Built-in Earphones
  • The fourth one is Input Sources

The first one is omnidirectional and the second, the third and the fourth are directional.

When you connect the app to the hearing pods, the headset serves as the output source. It does not have to be iPhone hearing pods only. Infact, if you have an iPhone device, connecting it to any hearing headset won’t be an issue. However, for best hearing results, it is recommended that you only use iPhone hearing headwares to experience the best performance.

Get Your Hearing Experience Amplified

When you tap in to the app to connect it, you can select the iPhone Bottom as your first preferred Mic, while the AirPods act as the output source. You will experience a noticeable latency when you do this.

Inorder to get the most out of your Fennex augmented hearing solution, keep your Hearpods as far as 80 + meters from your iPhone, with no obstacles falling in the way.

Situations Where You can Use the App and Experience the Maximum

  • Sporting Activities

You can use the app for any kind of outdoor activities. This is best used for sporting activities like hiking, climbing and yoga. You will realize the primary benefits of using the Fennex hearing solution.

  • Face-to-Face Conversations

You can also use the app in a face-to-face conversation. So that makes it a preferred device of choice among individuals facing hearing difficulties.

According to Alex Mari, the CEO and Co-founder of Fennex, the app can be used by people who have mild hearing difficulties and who generally struggle in noisy situations. If you are hesitating to spend $ 3000 to get a hearing solution, then the Fennex Hearing solution might turn out to be the best solution that can help to solve your problem. You can balance the sound reception between the right and the left side of the hearing headset, adjust the treble, mid and the bass, and boost the volume of the sound that interests you the most.

What You Need to Know

This is not a medical service for people who have hearing disabilities. So not confuse hearing disabilities with hearing difficulties.

The app can only be used as a technology for sound adjustment and not as an alternative to a doctor’s prescribed Hearing Aid. It simply tests the hearing in each of your ear and acts as a personalized, adjustable amplifier.

Connecting the app to your headset gives you an over the boundary leap solution to give you the best hearing aid experience. The Fennex augmented hearing app is one of the best rated sound amplifier solution that you can avail a hearing experience like no other. And together with its seven different powerful features, users can get to hear and experience any type of sounds in a much better way.

Download the app to learn more about the app and to experience an augmented hearing like never before!

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Fennex – Augmented Hearing App Review: Sound Experience Amplified
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