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16 Golden Rules That Make Every Guest Post a Super Hit Online

Writing a guest post takes a lot of good research and patience when you talk of following a strategy. Content marketing is one of your left wing armed forces that can increase your business readership, retain existing customers, bring new leads and help you establish a strong brand identity as a ‘know it all’ expert. Today, more than 40% of US companies take blogging seriously as part of their marketing tactic and marketers who blog are likely to enjoy 13 times more positive ROI. Having that said, let’s not talk about writing good quality content for B2B and B2C magazines.

content tips for guest posts

These are reputed online magazines where young and veteran professionals come to exchange views related to the key business insights and share their own marketing viewpoints with the readers. All with the help of a guest post. Sending featured articles to reputed magazines help to give you the platform to stand in front of the right audience. It is good for branding and you can earn good off-site links. Besides, do you want to stand out as a professional consultant whom readers can trust and follow up later for business talk? Then writing well a researched content is necessary and not only for your onsite blogs but for off-site places.

Why Post Articles Off-Site?

  • First, it is a good SEO tactic to earn off-site links to one’s website
  • Second, these online magazine platforms are hosted by high authoritative group of professional writers and editors who bring qualitative skill and expertise and hence, know how to pump up a article’s viewership and content conversion.
  • Third, millions of readers worldwide read these online magazine platforms and hence you are likely to gain new leads from here.

Enough said already, I guess. Since these are high authoritative sites, a writer has to make sure his/her write-up is qualitative and data based sound proof.

Content writing is not just about writing. There are other factors involved in it which needs equal attention inorder to maintain its quality. What are they? Let’s take a look at some of the most vital things a basic content write-up should contain and which are equally followed by these magazine sites. So, if your article is missing out these factors, chances are high that it can be termed as a ‘bad content’. So let’s just jump right away to discuss in detail the factors that make up a good content and I promise you it is not just about placing the right keywords at the right place or about lengthy texts.

16 Selection Criteria That a Good Guest Post Must Follow

The Concept Creation Challenge – 5 Must Questions to Ask When You Begin Writing

#1 – Is It Disruptive?

Are you sure that your write-up has the potentiality to challenge the existing status quo? Has it the audacity to thumb its nose at the convention or question some old belief? If not, I fear its not yet ready to cut through the nose to draw the right attention.

#2 – Is It Original?

Your idea need not be completely out of the blue ( but if you can do that, you are most welcome). However, make sure it produces an element that feels as fresh as the morning dew and which talks of things delightfully unusual to the eyes and the thoughts.

#3 – Is It Relevant?

How does your topic help me out in my business? Make sure you are giving something that is worth giving some time to peruse through word by word.

#4 – Is It Supportable?

Did you get your facts right? Cause you might want to keep it handy to support your content for people to trust your sanity of thoughts. Entrepreneur Neil Patel’s blog posts utilize factual links to support his ideas.

#5 – Is It On Brand?

Branding is an essential part to raising awareness and hence, it should be sarcastic, smart and approachable.

The Content Writing Challenge – 7 Points to Remember That Will Make Your Article Sale

#1 –Actionable

From landing page to the product page, everything has a clear call to action and content production is not different. Just make sure your content concludes taking the right action.

#2 – Non – Promotional

Let’s not just make it promotional. Your article must draw both the benefits and drawbacks that you might suffer from a specific business practice or technology.

#3 – 100 Percent Original

Just make sure your guest post is authentic when you apply for an online magazine.

#4 – Reader Friendly

Your content must be reader friendly and by this I mean, it should not be one large piece of block. Subdivide it using titles, sub titles and bullet points. This allows the reader to peruse through content smoothly and without having to face difficulty in navigating one’s eyes through the text.

#5 – Relevant To Readers

Your write-up should be relevant to your readers. An online magazine platform is a place where writers should be able to produce content that is relevant for B2B, SMB owners, entrepreneurs and others.

#6 – The Post Length

The minimum word length a post must be around 500. However keeping it 600 could help you cut down your post half, while keeping the quality intact.

#7 – The File Format

Once you are done writing your content, it is now time to apply to one of these magazine sites. Do not forget to submit your article in .doc or .docx and not in .txt files or html. format.

The Content Quality Challenge – 4 Things to Understand Your Content’s Quality

To ensure that your content has maintained the right quality, make sure you follow these instructions to access Microsoft Word’s accessibility test. Here is what you need to check when speaking of a content’s quality –

#1 – Passive Sentence

The sentence construction of a content must be active. However, if your write-up contains passive sentence, then it should be less than 10% and the lower it is, the better. You can click on this link to check your content for passive sentences also –

#2 – Flesch Reading Ease

This is used to determine the textual difficulty of a write-up. When you are check this, make sure you score atleast 40 here. The higher the score, the better.

#3 – Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level

This is also used to test the readability level of your content by which the grade level of the reader is determined. Hence, make sure your Kincaid grade level score reaches at least 10.

You can test online too to determine your Kincaid grade level score –

#4 – Hyperlinks

It is good to insert links that would retrace the reader back to your website. However, it is better to keep it to the minimum possible. Insert one link within the text and two within the bio.

A Concluding Note – Always know study an outside territory carefully before setting your foot out. This will help you to understand the style, the pattern and voice that individual authorities prefer their writers follow when submitting articles to their site.

16 Golden Rules That Make Every Guest Post a Super Hit Online
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