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Why use email marketing?

The majority of people are bombarded with emails everyday, most of them from people they’ve never heard of or providing information that they never requested. Why, then, is email marketing still one of the most effective and beneficial marketing tools? More to the point, why should you use it?

Firstly, because it’s direct

Press send and the email pops into your recipients’ inbox. The great thing is that people are checking their emails at all hours and from all locations now, with the event of mobile internet access and related devices. Therefore, if your email isn’t opened during work hours, it could be picked up while a recipient is travelling home on the train or waiting for their dinner to heat up.

It’s targeted

You will no doubt have built up an impressive email list that comprises people who have previously bought goods or have indicated an interest in what you do. You can create emails that specifically target these people, providing ‘exclusive’ offers that don’t apply to non-subscribers. You can send content that is relevant and engaging to this particular set of people, rather than a blanket ad campaign that means something only to a few.

Help is on hand

In case you do not have the capability or resource in-house, there are lots of experts out there who can help you design an email marketing campaign, perhaps providing you with email marketing software. With their guidance, your campaign could be hugely successful.


Email marketing is a far more cost-efficient alternative to taking out print or broadcast advertisements. Return on investment is greater too, as an email marketing message is far more likely to be read while broadcast ads get skipped over or abandoned for another channel.


It’s easy to monitor the success of an email marketing campaign, providing insight from which a business can learn or further promote. The tiniest details can be revealed, allowing marketers to improve subsequent campaigns. These include not only who opened the email, but at what time, how long they spent reading it and whether they clicked on any links. This is valuable information that can help businesses streamline and target their marketing efforts in the future.
There have been many studies to confirm that email marketing remains one of the most effective advertising tools, why not see if your business can harness some of the benefits too?

Peter McKiel is an expert in email marketing. He also takes interest in email templates designing. Through his content he provides tips on how email marketing can boost your business. 

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Why use email marketing?
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