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Why It Might Be Better to Wait Before Investing in a 4K TV

You know the drill. The latest in television technology comes out, and your digital juices start flowing. The desire to get it fires through your veins until you can feel it envelop your entire body. Of course, you want what the manufacturers have to offer, and why not?

For some of us, that need is almost like a powerful addiction that awakens the techno-zombie deep within. Our minds fire the message that burns through us. Buy, buy, buy. Our nerves itch to sample that digital delicacy just within an arm’s reach. But, despite all this, one question begs to ask. Is it wise to buy that new 4K TV now? Or should we silence our desires and wait it out a bit longer not knowing where TV technology will be in 2016.

4K TV technology

What are the main advantages with the new 4K TV?

Unlike the 3D TV and LED TV, 4K offers better viewing with ultra high def resolution. The realistic colors projected are enough to make anyone drool with envy. With lifelike imagery, viewing regular Directv from can make for a stellar experience.

Have you ever watched a show and wished you could ‘feel’ like you were a part of it? That is a descriptive example of what 4K can do for you. So, you can imagine why everyone is anxious to get their hands on it.

Are there any pricing disadvantages to getting the 4K TV now?

As with any new technology, there are always initial pricing disadvantages. Those who make their purchases as technology becomes available will pay higher prices. The same goes for any new technology. It always costs more on initial release than if you allow it to simmer a bit longer.

Pricing for the 4K TVs depends on a few different factors.

  • Make
  • Model
  • Screen size

Despite the factors that play into pricing, you will still be hard pressed to find a 4K for under five bills. They tend to range from between $500 for a 39” screen up to around $40,000 for an 85” screen.

How is the performance of the 4K TV?

Needless to say, when you spend that kind of money on any type of technology, you expect to gain something out of it. The problem is the makers of 4K technology designed it more for the larger cinema screens. With cinema seating placement further away, the benefits are more attainable.

Home entertainment systems differ considering the typical seating distance in the average home. Most of us don’t exactly have a room large enough for in-house cinemas. Adapting the 4K technology to something more vision palatable for the average home is the key. The smaller television screens come into play when considering which 4K TV to buy.

How beneficial is the 4K on smaller screens with normal seating distance?

3M Multimedia shows that the 4K technology is best when paired with two things.

  • A 9′ seating distance
  • A 42” screen or larger

Anything below this just does not rationalize the cost to value ratio.

It is possible that future improvements may make the 4K a more viable option at a later date. Yet, now is not the recommended time to buy it. For now, the 3D may still be the TV to vie for when it comes to getting the most bang for your technological buck.

Why It Might Be Better to Wait Before Investing in a 4K TV
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