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Why go wireless?

Modern Wireless Camera

Can you imagine a day when they’ll be no cables? Judging by the pace of change in all aspects of the audio/visual industry, this could well be a reality within the next few decades.

Cables have always been tedious and cumbersome, but it’s not until recently that we’ve invented the kinds of technology that could seriously make them altogether redundant. Wi-Fi and mobile internet are the biggest two movers and shakers in the consumer market – providing video conferencing tools
, for example – while RF camera systems are making their presence known in the world of professional video recording.

Wireless connectivity ultimately allows the professional audio/visual industry to capture moments that would otherwise be more restricted should cables be involved.

Sports for one is a field which will benefit from wireless connections. Cameras can essentially follow athletes on downhill skiing routes, on cycling road races, or inside cars without wires getting in the way of athlete or apparatus.


At public events and festivals, camera crews can shoot from vantage points that might have otherwise been impossible, or get right up close to the action without essentially being on a short, restricted leash.

Wireless Camera
Just because the professional industry is ready to ditch the wire however, it doesn’t mean that they do so at the expense of quality.

The speed and capability of RF wireless equipment means that even HD images can be broadcast without a wire. This also means that as well as being great for live situations, wireless cameras area also fantastic for situations that require extreme detail – as seen in nature programming or documentaries.

Considering so many broadcast mediums now support HD output, this makes wireless cameras just as appropriate for live internet streams as they are for televisual programming.

With a range of possibilities and incentives as great as these, it’s a foregone conclusion that wireless is here to stay and will no doubt push the boundaries of what professionals are capable of even further than they do today.
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Why go wireless?
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