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Why Get Your App Reviewed by a Mobile App Review Site

Developing an app is no easy job. Putting a unique app idea alongside a team to develop it, does not necessarily guarantee its success. With as many as three million apps available across different app stores, do not be dismayed if your well-developed app goes unnoticed.

Since the advent of the app economy in 2008, the app market has seen a steady up-hill ride with an average of almost two thousand apps released every day. Hence, you can well gauge the level of competition that exists in the market. If developing an app is tough, promoting and establishing a user base for it is an equally challenging task.

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Prior to making strategy how to make money from an app, the initial apprehension of any developer is “how to make the app visible in the market.” When you publish a mobile app in an app store like Google Play Store, Apple Store or Amazon app store, you enter the market with at least 1,999 more apps (the number can go up further), adding to the figure that already exists.

The challenges

The question that often crosses a developer’s mind is “What makes a Successful Mobile App?. To answer the question better, it’s important to determine the parameters to judge a successful app, like the number of downloads, the number of active users, the rating and the revenue it generates.

To qualify on the above-given parameters, an app needs to be discovered by the right kind of audience. Therefore, as an app developer you need to make sure that the right people know of your app’s existence and the reviews in the market are positive. After all, if audiences do not know your app exists and how great it can be, what’s the point of all the hard work you had put in.

Exploring the avenues

In other words, you have to promote your app and make sure to produce the right kind of noise for it. In doing so, you simply cannot afford to ignore any of the potential avenues for positive promotion. You have to be smart in your approach and judge well before blocking cash for marketing.

Though there are many paid mediums of advertising your app, but many of them may not be that effective and can be an economic burden in the long run. However, one of the promotional techniques often underestimated by app developers is featuring the app in reputed app review websites.

Getting a review published for your app or software on such websites exposes users to your app’s existence. It helps them narrow down their search and actually find the app that can be of their use. These app review websites are the perfect platform for both developers and users.

So, basically by publishing a review on a reputed app review website accomplishes two very important goals for app developers.

  • Brand Awareness – In the beginning of an app’s lifecycle, it is not known and needs a lot of media placements to get discovered and downloaded by users. Such websites provide the perfect platform to establish the brand among users.
  • Multiple Inbound links – Such review sites provide a large quantity of multiple inbound links for the app which helps to secure higher rank for the app on Google Play store, getting more potential users to download the app.

So, how does this work & how to find a good app review website? To know all these answers please read our previously written article, where you can also found 200+ app review websites to pitch and submit your mobile apps.

Why Get Your App Reviewed by a Mobile App Review Site
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