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Wherever you go, always take the iCloud with you

One of the most remarkable and forward-thinking things Apple has done in the last 18 months is push its iCloud – an internet-based data storage system.

Using the iCloud it’s possible even for those who take out Apple lease agreements to share content between their loaned equipment and their own. This means what should you rent an Apple Mac – even for just a week – and store data in the iCloud, you can sync that data to your own iPhone or Apple TV later.

Beneficially, this means that your Apple devices could act as a mobile media hub; no matter whether you’re a music maker, graphics design student or a home-working mum.

The iCloud stores more than just your important documents however. It can also store your precious phone book and emails.

In the old days (about five years ago), it was a pain to move contacts from one phone to another. First there was SIM memory, then greater amounts of internal memory. Then, Bluetooth and infra-red offered to sync our contacts between two phones. Yet, some phones didn’t quite ‘talk’ to each other to do this properly so the whole thing was a bit of a mess, and then…

You get the point. With the iCloud, you can sync all of your Apple contact data online and download it to any new Apple device when you want. This even extends to your emails – if you so wish.

One of the final nifty features that has taken Apple fans by storm, is the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature. Only those with an iCloud account can enable this tracking system that will help you find your phone if it becomes lost or falls into the wrong hands. Using the iCloud, a user can send a simple ‘delete all’ data instruction, or at least lock the screen from prying eyes. A mapping system should also tell your where the device is!

This is why no matter where you go; whether you own the Apple product or not, you should always take the iCloud with you.
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Wherever you go, always take the iCloud with you
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