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What On Earth Is CyberGhostAnd Why’s It So Awesome?


CyberGhost stands out from other VPN service providers. But does it do so in a good way? The answer to this question can only come once you are completely aware of what a VPN service is. A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is an application that hides your presence on the Internet. Once it’s on you, leave no digital trail. No cookies, no search-based adds, no borders!

People from China can break through the “great Firewall” and access Facebook. People from the US can access ABC and BBC streaming services. The internet becomes a better place with a VPN. That noted, your personal digital security gets amplified as well. Modern experts state that its not safe to even access a public Wi-Fi without an enabled VPN app.

Now that the base is settled let’s get on to the shorter but more user-centric version of the CyberGhost VPN review.

What’s different?

Most VPN apps come at a price. Market average is $8 or so per month. Some apps are more expensive while others are cheaper. CyberGhost is completely free. There are premium packages present though, but we will get to them later.

The free package is available for Windows, Mac and Android. It gives you access to all of the VPN features a user might need but has several drawbacks:

· Connection is rather slow, you won’t be able to stream in 1080p without buffering;

· You will have to wait in queue for a connection;

· Ads will be displayed to you ever 90 minutes or so.

One can live with these drawbacks, but if you still value speed and freedom – there is the so-called Family plan that comes with the price tag of $9.16 per month. It allows simultaneously protected access from up to five devices, removes ads and enhances the speed. If you live alone you can get all that but with once device at a time access for as little as $5.83 per month.


Serious Privacy

CyberGhost is a company from Romania – one of the few European countries to reject all national Data Retention Laws back in 2006. This means than not only does the company protect your privacy but it also works under the regulation of a government that treats personal data assets with respect.

That noted, CyberGhost hosts 691 servers in a whooping number of 29 countries. This way they can amplify the speed of internet access despite constant encryption mechanics in place. Their total bandwidth is somewhat around 48.1 Gbit/s.

CyberGhost does not collect, store or use any personal data. No one is safeguarding your logs, which is nice. Once you close the browser tab all of your digital trails seize existence. Neat, right?

This is everything a user needs to know about the app. If you still have any questions remaining the link to a wider review can be found above in the text. Feel free to express your personal thoughts and opinions about the app there!

What On Earth Is CyberGhostAnd Why’s It So Awesome?
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