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What are the Benefits of Email Validation?

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What Are the Benefits of Email Validation

Email validation is very important in achieving your goal of running a great business. Sending emails to your subscribers is the most efficient way to communicate with them. Email marketing has better results than all social media platforms combined, so growing a consistent email list is crucial. But what if that email list is not safe to send to? Many times, your database contains inaccurate or abandoned email addresses, so instead of targeting your message to the right audience, you are sending it out in vain.

If you’re asking yourself why this is affecting you, here is the answer: sending large amounts of emails to addresses that don’t exist, that have been abandoned or deactivated is going to harm your sender reputation. In time, it can even get you blacklisted, so you won’t be able to send any emails at all. Right now, if you haven’t cleaned your email list, you may also be sending emails to spam traps, catch-all and toxic domains, which can seriously damage your IP reputation and derail your campaigns.

What exactly does an email validation system do?

  • Detects email abuse:The email validator can identify email owners that have a history of marking emails as spam.
  • Email bounce detection:The email verifier can determine if an email will bounce if you send it to a certain address.
  • Spam trap detector:It detects spam traps and advises you to stay away from them.
  • Detects disposable email:The email validator can detect temporary mail accounts that are not safe to send to.
  • Detects hazardous domains:The email validator identifies domainsknown for spam, abuse, and bots.
  • Catch-all domain detector:The email verifier detects domains which are catch-all and removes them from your list.
  • Social append:The verifier can append to your database the name, age, location and IP (when provided) of the email address’s owner.
  • Email verification API:The email verifier has an API that you can hookinto your software to verify emails.
  • Overview reports:The verifier offers you a detailed report of your data.
  • Selected download options:The email validator allows you to download only the things you want.

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy email verification service, ZeroBounce is just the right choice for you. It provides email bounce detection, email abuse, and spam trap detection, email data append and an overview report. The online portal is a pioneer in email validation, abuse detection, and spam discovery. You can speak to their technical team and they will assist you every step of the way.

Using a good email verifier will help you boost your email marketing while maintaining your sender reputation intact. With ZeroBounce, you will get exactly what you need, at the best price on the market.It is also the fastest email validation platform you can find. With the assistance of its reliable and supportive technical team, you will enjoy a good, legitimate business. So, speak to the support team now and find out all about it.


What are the Benefits of Email Validation?
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