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Web Technologies & CMS Market Share Trends 2016

It is now an established fact: the choice of technology is a key element and is crucial when it comes to business performance, if not the number one key factor of success. A judicious choice of technology, here is common point to all high growth companies today. Conversely, several failures are partly due to sloppy thinking that led to irrelevant technological choices. That is why it is imperative to carry out a constant technological watch. This watch is even more difficult as the technology ecosystem is increasingly burgeoning and complex.

Which CMS (Content Management System) to choose? What PHP framework? What programming language? Should I choose an open source or proprietary solution? So many questions to ask yourself before any digital project. To help you answer all these questions, we offer this report, which aggregates the figures from W3Techs, BuiltWith and Google Trends. It shows the evolution of major players’ market shares in web technologies today. It also helps to know the different technologies available position themselves in the web technology landscape and thus, will be a valuable ally in your future technology choices.

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Web Technologies & CMS Market Share Trends 2016
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Yassine Hamou Tahra

Yassine Hamou Tahra

Yassine is the founder of HM Digital, as a group of talented WordPress growth marketers and developers based in Paris. They developed InTrigger, a great WordPress plugin that boost sign-up and lead generation. Yassine graduated from HEC School of Management and is an expert in web technologies.
Yassine Hamou Tahra

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