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Why Video FAQ is a Must-Have in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Why suddenly go for video FAQ, when there is already an FAQ page to answer all the queries that web visitors come up with?

Most of the web owners must already have such a question to ask after landing on this article. However video seeding is the key today to unlocking effective advertisement campaigns for your website. Get your FAQs straight. That is the page where you dedicate your time to answer the queries that customers search for. So of all the places, the FAQ page is where you leave your business garb and do the general talk.

Video FAQ Marketing

It is common for a curious client to ask questions. And feeding their curiosity is a sign of good customer-website interaction and engagement. Also we have already discussed that how lengthy content can kill your website. So the next step for a business mind would be to funnel that curiosity into conversion for which, one should never ignore the compact FAQ page, be it from conversation or web design perspective. A video FAQ is an effective medium of online communication through which you can add a personal touch to your e-commerce website. Besides, did you know that video FAQs are a great way to increase your search engine visibility online?

Here are some of the reasons you should use video FAQs in your website –

#1 – Videos help to deliver superior shopping experience

Customers like watching videos several times before they purchase a product. That is because they are short and to the point. Hence people love them.

Here is a little data that tells a lot about why interactive video is now a must-have content marketing strategy

  • 60 percent of viewers prefer to watch a video than read a text based content
  • Videos keep a visitor glued to your website for a longer period of time
  • They are much more memorable medium of communication when compared to wordy content

Viewing videos helps to boost up consumer engagement and purchasing confidence that subsequently helps to build up customer loyalty.

#2 – They improve your online visibility in the search engine

Just type ‘what is video seo?’ on the search engine and see for yourself. See? When I searched, what I got was a content based information along with an interactive video. I am sure you too would get something like that. But here are some key takeaways that have been extracted based on observations –

  • They show up as rich snippets in the search engine. Well as you know that how rich snippet can higher the CTRs for e-commerce sites, it can also increase the CTR for Videos.
  • Research proves that videos are given more importance by Google compared to other search results. So why not use it?
  • Usage of recommended mark-ups can make your video content easily discoverable and indexable

#3 – One of the most amazing facts about video marketing you would like to know is that, it is 6 times more effective than any other print or online medium of marketing

One of the most humane stories that share the advantage of video marketing is when Justin Bieber got spotted on YouTube by record producers. He holds a market value worth $110 million now. And all thanks to the benefit video marketing that made his talent get spotted quicker.

#4 – Visual contents are faster and easier to share online and videos are the most preferred form of information

If you are wondering why they help generate faster actions, then here is what you must know about the power of visual contents. They can be processed faster by the human brain.

The human brain has the capability to process very limited amount of information. Data that can help the brain to process faster are the ones that will grab a person’s attention quicker. Speaking of which, the brain can process visual content 60,000 times faster compared to decoding text based content. Visual contents make up for almost 93% of all human communication. 90% of the information that are said to enter the human brain is non-verbal. 70% of all human sensory receptors are concentrated inside the eyes of a person. The human brain can process upto 50% of all the information with the help of these visual receptors.

These are some of the reasons that can explain why visual content is capable of generating more views and inbound links. I suppose the scientific reasons are enough to explain why visual content is a must in your online marketing strategy. You can empower this marketing medium by finding the right target audience who would be interested to watch. One of the most powerful aspects of sharing viral videos is that, if people are interested to watch it, they will be compelled to share it.

#5 – They are solely your creation. No one can manipulate it

The act of copying and pasting a video will lead to the creation of a new version. However, the format will remain unchanged from the one that was originally created. Whereas a text based content is much easier to plagiarize, which could lead to further manipulation and imposition of false claim by others.

#6 – Videos allow marketers to personalize their content and provide viewers with a one-to-one experience

People search the internet for videos that educate or demonstrate. This is especially observed when customers are about to go on a shopping spree online. The magic behind videos is that, since they are visual based content, they help to ease out a product complexity that propels a kind of confidence to make potential purchases.

Looking Behind the Benefits: The Very Human Reasons Why Videos FAQs Can Keep Viewers Wired

According to Ph.d. Level expert, Susan Weinschenk, there are four reasons that keep viewers hooked on to a video content. Here are the following reasons that she points out –

  • The fusiform facial area helps to draw out attention towards the face
  • The voice is the perfect medium to convey all the rich information
  • Human emotions are contagious
  • Body movements can grab more attention

If you want to learn more, you can go directly to the page where she has her own video explaining why online video is more compelling and persuasive.

Now for some practical work: How to Make a Video FAQ for your Website?

A good Video FAQ page comes with proper optimization so that it can be traceable for both search engine and internal link conversion. So, how do you make a perfectly optimized Video FAQ to enhance website engagement with customers?

#1 – Group your FAQs around trending keywords

Avoid talking about every insignificant matter on earth. Choose the most important ones that you know are the questions most likely to be asked by the customers. Then group them with the trending keywords. You may want to refer to Google Analytics tool for further guidance.

Split your subjects and organize them based on the keyphrase theme.

#2 – Keep your website tone and feel consistent across all pages

This includes the FAQ page as well. It does not matter whether this is the informational page, because the obvious reason why you would want to solve your clients’ inquiries is to engage them so that they covert in the end.

#3 – Interlink your FAQ page to other service pages of the website

The FAQ page can help to trigger Call To Actions by answering the prospective questions of your clients. Linking your product page to the FAQ page can help customers to click further and learn more about a particular thing or word that they have come across on the service page. This can turn out to be an effective medium to encourage further conversions.

#4 – Highlight the benefits of your company

This will serve to develop a company level confidence to encourage customers to take action and not run away to other competitive sites.

#5 – Optimize the Title of your FAQ Page

A well optimized title is just as important for your video FAQ page as it is to any other service pages. You can appear on the search engine faster if queries made by clients match the title that you have on your FAQ page. Make sure you incorporate preferred keywords in your FAQ page title.

Video marketing is the rising internet promotion tool that marketeers are tapping into. They could aid in the sharing of information related to entertainment and education faster than before. Customers want to engage with contents that are faster, shorter and entertaining. That is why you would observe why short and smart content is the dominant trend for website body copy right now. But the good thing about using an informational video for your website is that you can even turn a lengthy content into a short video. Did you know? A one minute video is worth 1.8 M words? In short, use video marketing if you want to reach audiences faster and quicker. They are also easy to share online.

Why Video FAQ is a Must-Have in Your Digital Marketing Strategy
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