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Top 5 Apps For Home Security Lovers

At a time when anyone can learn how to pick a lock easily and conveniently from the internet, it is important to look for effective ways to enhance your home security. The use of smart technology in everyday life has meant that there is an app out there that can do virtually anything. With the availability of built-in computer cameras and advanced smartphone technology, it is now much easier to monitor activities in your home when you are away. Following are some of the best home security apps that will allow you to catch a criminal or ensure that the babysitter is doing what she is paid to do.
  1. iSentry
This handy app can turn your computer into a video surveillance system. As long as you have a computer with a built-in web camera, you can monitor your home any time you are away. The system takes video or pictures any time motion is detected and it can provide valuable information about activities in your home. The free iPhone app is easy to set up and it will help to give you peace of mind.
  1. iCam
If you want to watch live video of activities in your home, this is the app for you. You can monitor several cameras in your home using your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Any time the motion sensor is triggered, you will get notification that will allow you to watch the live video. This is the best way to catch a thief in the act and you even have solid video evidence to strengthen your case.
  1. Security Camera
This paid app takes photos any time someone turns on your computer and it sends the photos to your DropBox. This means that if anyone unauthorized tries to access your computer, you will know about it. This easy to use app will come in handy if you think a co-worker or roommate might be using your computer without permission. If someone steals your laptop, you will get a photo of the thief.
  1. SecureHome
This app uses your computer’s built-in microphone to listen for any sounds or noises that could indicate the presence of intruders. The iPhone app will sound an alarm if intruders are heard. The alarm serves to scare off the intruder and it will also send an email to your phone. You can use your Smartphone to arm or disarm SecureHome remotely.
  1. Dropcam
This is one of the more costly video surveillance solutions out there. If you have the budget for it, the system is definitely worth it. Dropcam allows you to zoom in on a person or image and you can even communicate with the person. This system is great if you have kids at home and you want to check on them. The system can even allow you to view video in the dark and you can monitor two places at the same time.
When you decide to invest in an app for your home security, research the options available so that you can get the best solution for you. Your budget and your requirements will determine the best solution but you have to think about your situation specifically, just like most things in life.
Top 5 Apps For Home Security Lovers
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