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Top 11 Killer App Designing Tools for Android App Developers

Android technology has become an integral part of our lives in the recent times. Every third kid can be seen downloading android apps and games on his tablets pc or smart phone. Our morning cup of tea starts by sharing jokes and social messages on WhatsApp. Its presence in our daily lives has become so important that we begin to search our pockets for our smart phone after if it does not beep for a minute or two.

android app designing tools

Whatever the reasons maybe for disliking or liking android apps, but undermining their utility is a difficult task. You can check your bank account’s balance and download e-statements on your smart phone while sitting in your living room couch. Android technology is rapidly developing, creating faster and more functional apps to make our lifestyle more comfortable. Newer versions of android platforms are opening doors of opportunities for app developers, showcasing to the world that with android nothing is impossible.

Let us discuss about a few must have tools required by every android app developer to create apps for your smart phone and tablet pc. Some are free to use and some are paid tools. Some tools are specially designed to write iPhone apps where as other are for android phones. The platforms required for designing iPhone apps are swift & Objective C where as android apps are designed on the Java platform. Many tools are meant to be used on a desktop or a laptop whereas others are mobile version tools which can be used only on smart phones and tablets.

So, here are 11 Killer Tools for Android App Designers

#1. Marvel: Shear magic is how i would define this particular app. Capable of converting a sketch or an image into an interactive prototype, which can be shared and tested with ease. These prototypes can be easily stored in the Drop Box, for later use. It is a widely used tool for designing apps for both the iPhone and Android. It can be easily available for free download.

#2. Invision: This is also a prototyping tool for iOS and Android, which allows teams member working on an app project to interact and share project details and progress without physically meeting. The most important feature of this tool is that it gives you the option of retrieving the older version of your app, in case you don’t like the new one you have designed.

#3. PopApp: A free tool which allows you take photographs of your hand drawn sketch and then to link both of them to your device. The sketch can then be converted to a prototype and used on any device.

#4. Laudable Apps: A website which provides templates, design ideas and apps to help you design iOS apps with ease. Templates are available in many categories as per the need of the designer. Download your favorite design and get started. The content is royalty free available for download.

#5. Android patterns: Another website which provides downloadable ready made patterns which can be used to create android apps. This site also provides free of charge content.

#6. Fuzel: This is a mobile version app tool which works only on the iPhone. Its main use is to create photographs for applications and add special effects to them. It is also a free app.

#7. Doodle Buddy: This app for the iPhone allows you to create drawings for your app by allowing you to draw on the mobile screen with your fingers. It also gives you a choice of 44,000 colors to choose for your drawing. It also allows you to insert text along with your drawings.

#8. Ruler Plus: A simple app which provides a 7 cm ruler for measurement. It is a free to download and use app. The size of the ruler can be extended by moving your iPhone to the right and pressing the plus button.

#9. Layers: A photo editing tool with Photoshop compatibility, allows the user to edit drawings and pictures with the help of brush and color tools. It also has provision of erasing and smudging images in layers. This app however is not free and comes at a price of about 5 us$.

#10. Adobe Kuler: Rated highly amongst app developer, this tool is designed to capture photos on the iPhone and generate color themes. It is also compatible with the Adobe Illustrator and also free to download and use.

#11. Adobe Ideas: The latest 2.6 version of this app has just been released and app designers swear by it. It enables the user to customize the toolbar, edit images with accuracy and also allowing to sync images with Facebook and twitter.

Top 11 Killer App Designing Tools for Android App Developers
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