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8 Career Boosting Tips for Newbie Mobile App Developer

Mobile app development is altogether different career from web development and requires myriads of things to take care at technical and strategic level. Some useful tips definitely help newbies to overcome initial hurdles in the way of a bright and prosperous career.

When an IT or computer engineer accomplishing her/his degree or course, she enters the real world of professionals. She might have lots of dreams in her eyes. However, today the Internet-based websites have little use and mobility trends push businesses and practitioners on mobile applications to grab a vast audience.

app development tips

Therefore, newbie app developers tend to select mobile app development as a prime choice for a career. Moreover, overnight success in app stores and the emergence of numerous mobile app development companies across the globe lure them more to be a mobile app developer.

If you are one of such newbies and eager to know your career success secrets in mobile app development niche, this post is solely for you and like-minded fresher.

Tips for Career Development for Newbie Developer

If we see on the web, we might end with tons of tips for your career advice at general perceptions like preparing resumes, facing interviews, selecting right company or employer, and so on.

Unfortunately, you may find hardly any on the technical side to flash technical issues where such tips needed to mitigate it all, prior to making up the mind entering mobile app developer community.

So, let’s check those unhidden aspects of career development in brief.

#1. Recognize Significance of Your App in Market

During graduation/course in university, you have accomplished some projects to showcase your programming or designing skills only, perhaps never think of real world market, target audience, and app usability like greatly influencing aspects of app success.

Now, it is time to think of all and find out how to survey your market for:

  • Actual app needs
  • Target audience
  • Monetization strategies
  • User experiences and user testing through various methods

Perhaps, you may not know that out of 100 mobile apps released only two gets place on the mobile home screen and one mobile screen hardly accommodate more than 20 apps at a time.

If you look at app retention rate, the scenario is depressing and establishing slim chances for your app to secure a position on the home screen of the sizable numbers of real users.

#2. Actual App Needs

In order to do so, you have to make your app unique, which can address the real needs of its targeted users. If you offer same features and functionality that other apps have, none would like to download or buy your app from mobile marketplaces.

Searching or surveying app needs demands some hard work and implementation of surveying techniques like online, offline, in-person, through agencies, and many other ways.

#3. Target Audience

When you have an app idea, you should have its actual users in mind. For instance, you are going to develop an office functionality related app; you should know whether you wish to target big organization offices or small to medium level of offices.

target audience

Moreover, demography and geography of your target audience need to define for marketing purposes or app distribution aims. As a mobile app developer, if you know better that what kinds of mobile devices your target audience is using, you can run usability, use-case, and user experience tests accordingly to assure major success.

If you know economic status of your target audience and mobile device purchase capability with future growth in mind, you can decide scalability and upgrades of your mobile application in long-term strategy planning.

#4. Monetization

For the mobile app, plenty of monetization ways are prevailing in the present market, and you need to know all as well as should learn which are appropriate for what sorts of mobile apps.

Without effective monetization, you cannot withstand in the market for long and for that, you need to adopt feasible app revenue models for each app.

#5. UX and Usability

For user experiences, testing with actual users in the field is crucial and you should know how to run different tests and when to run it. For instance, guerilla tests are easy to run frequently, but it is only helpful to get some quick ideas and useless when a thorough investigation is a need.

For broad acceptance, you should consider low-techies or technophobic audience in mind too and must include them in your UX tests. It is because mobile touch gestures are quite differing in user experiences and requires careful app designing, programming, and testing to win your audience.

In fact, technology alone cannot fascinate your app users, but user experiences can lure them with right combinations. Therefore, as a mobile app developer, never try to show your tech expertise by infusing unwanted features and functionality only to establish your supremacy.

#6. Gauge Your Competition

It is wise to look at competitors before doing anything on your app because they have achieved success and you can learn few things from them too. For example, you can decide which features and functionality are trendy in today’s market. You can also know the marketing techniques they have employed and success of revenue models they have implemented.

#7. Analysis through Analytics

Once you deploy your app, and it is reaching in hands of real users, it is tough to know user behavior, preferences, app responses, bugs, and so many other parameters to run fruitful conclusions for next updates or upgrade.

Therefore, you have to take help of third party analytics, which is working through cookies or embedded code.

#8. Provide Best Tech Support

Support is critical for giving best user experiences or customer experiences. Therefore, try to give multiple channel support to access the business or professionals instead of relying only on email or phone calls.

Today we have instant messengers working directly on mobile devices or through social media network. We have VOIP and video chat services to exchange words. Thus, offering comprehensive support in a consistent manner makes great sense.


For newbie developers, who want to realize their dreams, must understand the nuances of app development. Moreover, they should equip themselves with best technical and strategically knowledge of the day.

In this regard, given tips are vital to boost their career as innovative and fruitful mobile app developers. However, all given hints are not easy to grasp and put into real-world development practices. What you need is support of seasoned app developers as a team or company to offer training and opportunities to learn in a collaborative environment.

8 Career Boosting Tips for Newbie Mobile App Developer
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