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The Teacher’s Pet: Tablet Applications For Your Classroom

More and more schools are converting their conventional teaching methods to those that are keeping up with today’s technological advancements. Tablets in the education sector are becoming widespread from elementary to higher education facilities. The transformation is not always an easy one. For those searching for effective and creative ways to immerse tablets into their curriculum, this is the article for you.

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The Teacher’s Best Assistant: Teacher Aide Pro 2

Teaching may be the hardest profession in the world. To ease and create some convenience for teachers, Teacher Aide Pro 2 was developed. With this application on your android tablet, you can easily record attendance and critical student information, including emergency contacts, vital health information, learning disabilities and so on. With this application, you can also call and email parents directly from your tablet.

ClassDojo For A Major Classroom Mojo

Need a mojo to get you through your workday? This android tablet application employs some serious classroom-management techniques, including detailed note taking for each student’s work and performance, and real time feedback via private messaging to parents.

Paperless Handouts

Handouts application allows you to develop and distribute digital files to your students and parents. The app also enables you to provide feedback and marks on the digital handouts once completed by your students. Keep each students work organized with digital portfolios. No more lost, ripped, and wrinkled papers.

Also take a look at the application eBackpack, which allows teachers to share feedback information and course assignments, notes, grades, and even audio and video feedback.

Real-Time Assessment Via ExitTicket

Student assessment has never been more critical. There is an immense pressure on teachers to prove and show student’s progress and development. ExitTicket is an application that alleviates some of the pressures of achievement tracking for teachers. The app keeps track of a student’s performance overtime, and with every lesson. This means, teachers can provide immediate assessment of a student’s development that are task specific and in real-time. It is said to be a student response system designed to accelerate student achievement.

Take The Classroom Home With Reminder: Free, Safe Messaging

Unfortunately, many critics believe that learning actually, often, happens at home via homework and not during school hours. To take advantage of this idea, teachers can use Reminder: Free, Safe Messaging to take the classroom home – and for those studying abroad or doing distance learning all throughout the world. With this application, teachers can continue communicating with their students and parents in a secure and reliable platform. Teachers can even track if a message has been opened, just like Facebook.

Collaboration Made Easy: Edmodo

Edmodo is another application, which allows lessons to continue after school hours. With this application students also become main actors, they can share content, information, and notifications. Teachers can also share assignments, deadlines, and grade via the application.

Spice It Up With TED Talks

TED Talks has something for everyone. The tablet app contains hundreds of engaging and inspiring videos for any grade and subject. While this application may come in handy for higher education professionals in their classroom, teachers can also tap into a sea of videos regarding teaching strategies, tools, and creative methods.

Happy Teaching and Happy Learning!

Goga writes for different industries, but primarily for tech brands such as Time2. She loves uncovering new developments and unique projects in the tech world. Outside of writing she often finds herself rescuing abandoned pups and finding them new homes. Check out her recent article Back to School: Why A Tablets Is The Ideal Solution For Today’s Student

The Teacher’s Pet: Tablet Applications For Your Classroom
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