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The Expanding Electronics Market Setting the Android Products as a New Trend

Initially the introduction of the Android Operating Systems, launched by Google, made this software the exclusive property of the HTC G1. This particular device became unique to the T-Mobile company that rose up to the top most ranks in all the cellular technology of the United States. Though being a decent phone in itself, it wasn’t able to go neck and neck with the I Phone. This particular gap in the different companies gave a tremendous rise in the improvement of the android products.
The Android Software is a easily available to all the manufacturing companies which makes them desperate to look for means of being unique and favorable to the users. Such measures include the attempt by the HTC who have designed a software layer that makes remarkable changes in the android user interface making it more impressive to the users. A similar new breakthrough change in the software is by Motorola who they term it as MotoBlur. The same objective of all these cellular manufacturing companies is to make them more appreciable for the users than the other android products. Another costumer attraction lies in the ease of the social networking accessibility and Motorola’s software ensures a better and stronger Facebook usage by its Android phones. 
The major unique feature in all the upcoming and latest cell phones is the Android operating system. With every new model of the smart phones coming up, the makers try to introduce certain minor changes to the software but no major rise in the product sales is observed. Over the year the cellular companies like LG, Motorola and Samsung have introduced several models of cell phones all having certain minute changes to the features. Cameras and displays both have been increased in resolutions. Similarly hard drive memories have been increased along with the devices’ processing speeds. Only the Iphone is able to run its own operating software but now with the introduction of the android operating system, customers may chose their cell phone with their favorite cellular company capable of having its operating system. 
Moreover this level of consistency and choices available, the android products are bound to get upgraded in months rather than years. Mobile companies are working to introduce smart phones such that they are comparable to the upcoming phones rather than the current market. Now every other cell phone on the market has its lifetime of a few months at maximum. 
Although the Android software was the major decision in the rise of the smart phones market yet there are several features from the manufacturers that give rise to their product sales. One particular feature is the camera resolution for which the digital camera technology is to be blamed. Now you may get so many megapixels camera resolution that you could easily have a large printed photo of around 8X10. Similarly you may also get great display models and large processing speeds comparable to your PCs. Now customers want several more added features than just this camera and screen resolution. This might mean that the cellular companies have now to work more on the design features of the phone or the type of the camera imaging. 
All these years the demand of the Android products has risen tremendously and this will continue until there is someone powerful enough to beat the Android. This heavy market is the reason for the continual development of the cell phones and addition of newer features both in the software interface and the added hardware features. With every passing model, there has been great public demand and customers have always enjoyed the android phones having better and enhanced qualities than the previous versions. 
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