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The Best Leading Manufacturer of Imaging Equipment

If you’re looking for some reliable geophysical resistivity and IP imaging systems, then check out Advanced Geosciences, Inc. The leading manufacturer of imaging equipment, they have the latest in IP imaging technology. Based in Austin, TX, they have been serving the geophysical community for over 24 years. Having recently opened a new location in Madrid, Spain, they now serve customers in over 30 countries worldwide.

You can get a geophysical instrument at AGI for a very reasonable price.

Choose from their huge selection of equipment, then just ask them for a quote. They carry everything from spare parts to software. Not only do they offer the best in geophysical resistivity and IP imaging systems, but they also have a data processing service. Having problems with resistivity modeling and inversion theory? AGI’s technical experts can help you with that. Is your computer not powerful enough to handle some complicated imaging project? AGI’s computer experts can help you with that. In addition to their products and services, AGI also offers resistivity imaging seminars.

Hosted in both Austin and Madrid, these “hands-on” seminars are only three days long and will cover everything you need to know about conducting DC Resistivity and IP imaging surveys. Some of the topics they will cover include: Basic Resistivity/IP concepts and theory, preparing for field surveys, and case histories. These are just a small sample of the products and services that AGI has to offer. For more information, go to their website at: 

The principle of this informative article is to describe how geophysical tactics could be used in the exploration for gemstone deposits. Some applications are acquainted; exploration and demarcation using both provincial and in depth geophysical techniques continues to be accomplished for decades. Some applications have in current occasions turn into viable; ground-penetrating radar continues to be effectively utilized in delineation of gem bearing cavities. Some applications are just at existing getting contemplated; delineation of entity crystals using Mega-Hertz seismic signals could be tested within the vicinity of future.

As gemstones turn out for being increasingly challenging to find and also to excavate, Geophysical tools are in concert an more and more vital part in looking at and progress of gemstone deposits. Technological advances are delivering new strategies that will be utilized in exploration for many diverse gemstones at several distinct scales of surveillance. Some strategies, such as aeromagnetic, have already been utilized in diamond exploration for decades.

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