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The Benefit of Using DSLR Lenses

In this digital age more and more people are taking photography into their own hands. Gone are the days when you had to go to a professional studio or rely on a professional photographer to get great family portraits.

Now an enterprising parent with a digital camera, dslr lenses and some ingenuity can take pictures that are just as great for a fraction of the cost. 

When it comes to taking great pictures, the skies are the limits. Whatever your family loves can be used to make a portrait more special, whether it’s a sport, a professional team or even a love of animals. By putting what you love into these photos, you make them more natural and more fitting for your family. 
When it comes to taking great photos, remember the rule of thirds. A picture is broken up into three equal sized pieces. You want something in each and every third of the photo to help give it balance. If a photo has a single focal point, you don’t have to put them in the center. Putting the focal point in one of the outer thirds can help to give the picture a better sense of balance and structure. 
Lighting is also key when it comes to taking a great photo. If at all possible, take photos outside. Natural lighting works best for highlights and low lights. Early evening is the best time to take photos, and it has often been referred to as the magic hour.
One of the major selling points of a DSLR camera is the fact that there’s a different lens for every situation. For example, you can use long range lenses to take pictures from afar, pancake lenses for wide angle photography or macro lenses to take pictures of small things at close range. But to accomplish all of that you need to learn about switching camera lenses.
First of all, locate the lens release button which is usually right next to the lens. Always hold your camera firmly, and use your right hand to find the button, or the left if you are a lefty. After pressing the button, grab the lens by its base (where it meets the camera) and twist in the direction indicated by the car manufacturer (usually clockwise). The lens should click free with only slight pressure, don’t force it or you may break the lens. Make sure the lens release mechanism has unlocked the lens.
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The Benefit of Using DSLR Lenses
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