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TEN reasons why your company should be email marketing

Many marketing experts have predicted that email marketing will soon grow to be the most widely used marketing platform in the world. When it comes to email marketing, UK businesses in particular are enjoying the many benefits of the platform. 

This article gives 10 reasons why business owners should use email marketing to promote their brand.

1. It’s cheap
Email marketing is one of the cheapest methods to promote a brand to a potentially worldwide audience. Many companies use the money saved on print or broadcasting equipment to hire an email marketing company, who can assure a quality campaign is delivered.

2. It’s easy
Starting an email campaign is a lot easier than brainstorming a new television, radio or billboard campaign. Many email marketing companies will even provide businesses with professional-looking templates to assist with the design process.

3. It’s fast
As well as being easy and relatively speedy to create, emails can reach their desired destination within seconds allowing businesses promotions to remain as fresh as possible.

4. It’s popular
Despite the emergence of SMS, instant messaging and social media, email remains the most used form of written communication. A recent survey by The Relevancy Group found that 93 per cent of respondents checked their email every single day.

5. It’s green
Email marketing is arguably the most environmentally friendly marketing platform available to users. This ethical approach can be attractive to potential customers and can save businesses masses of revenue in printing costs.

6. It’s controllable
Most email marketing campaigns allow users to control the type of emails they receive from a company, how frequently they receive them or whether they do at all! Consumers much prefer to have these options rather than having adverts forced upon them.
7. It’s for your fans
The main purpose of email marketing is to retain the business of consumers of those who already have an interest in your company. Few other platforms can market exclusively to this target audience.

8. It’s forwardable
All it takes is the touch of a button to share an email marketing message with a friend. This can only be beneficial for businesses who want to share their brand with as many people as possible.

9. It’s filled with links
Email marketing allows you to recommend consumers to check out your company website, blog or Facebook page at the click of a button

10. It’s limitless
There’s no word or airtime limits within email marketing. If your email looks a bit bulky, link to a website with the information instead.

There are loads of of email marketing companies who will help provide a top quality marketing service for your business. Those who are keen to enjoy the benefits of the platform should approach an email marketing company immediately.

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TEN reasons why your company should be email marketing
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