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Techie Smart Store – A Unique Price Alert Shopping App

Whether you shop when visiting a physical local store or check out the store in the middle of the night, the best thing about a price comparison shopping app is that you are checking out the merchandises of a multiple dealers on the same platform at the same time.

But with so many mobile applications now made available to customers, finding the right shopping app is sometimes hard. Almost every mobile app now has a price and feature comparison platform to help customers make a proper research on the product and the different price offers available for it in the market.

price comparison mobie app

A customer therefore must know a little bit about what features to avail in a shopping app before downloading it. A shopper therefore needs to do a little bit of study on the app before clicking on the download button. Remember, it is not just about making price comparison on one platform, and easy purchase that makes you download an app on to your smartphone. Other than all these, a shopper is always on the lookout for something new and extraordinary feature that makes their shopping experience a fun experience. When customers browse through an app store to download a technology based price comparison app, they will look for the essential features to enhance their shopping experience.

If you are looking forward to download a shopping app from where you can purchase an electronic gadget or device this week, then you can try out the Techie Smart Store comparison shopping app either for Android or iPhone / iPad . But why get recommended for this application right? Because, this price and feature comparison platform comes with special features that helps a buyer make purchasing decision easily.

Notable Features That Makes Techie Smart Store Stand Out From The Rest

#1 – Dual Comparison of Price and Feature On One Platform

This might not come with a lots of app. Techie Smart Store has tried to ease out a customer’s shopping experience by bringing in price and feature comparison on a single platform. How would this benefit customers? Well, you would no longer need to visit the site of any particular product with a unique price. You can study the product on the same platform where information about the offers is made available by other sellers on the same product.

#2 – Special Price Notification Alert For Any Customized Price Deals With A Percentage Drop Down Menu

This is a unique feature that makes this app stand apart from the rest. A buyer can set down a special price offer according his choice, by choosing from the percentage drop down menu, before setting it up for notification alerts. Once set up, the mobile application keeps a track on any latest news about price drop in the market that fits within your budget limit. You will receive instant notification mails that will inform you in detail about any changes in the market price.

Below are the screenshots of Techie Smart Store App

#3 – Product Usage Customer Review

Doing a little research on a particular product is necessary before you decide to make a purchase. It is important to know what other customers think about the product that you are going to buy.

Reading customer review is therefore necessary when you are making an online purchase. Techie Smart Store app provides a detailed genuine product review to help buyers decide which product is best to go for. These reviews are from customers who have used this app for making a purchase, and you too can help others by writing your own review to provide others with a proper guidance.

#4 – Email Notification Alerts On the Arrival of Any Latest Deals In the Market

You do not have to always enter the mobile app to check out the latest deals available in the market.

You would be sent email price alerts or notifications to inform you about the new deals that are out in the market.

#5 – Quick Product Search Bar

A good search bar is an important navigation tool of a website or a mobile app. People can use a search bar to access the content present in the app. Therefore, apps should keep their search bar simple and clean for an easy search interface.

However, despite some of these great features that compliments the app as a shopping guide when it comes to purchasing technologies and gadgets, there are some things that I feel could do better if looked into.

Features That Needs Some Improvement

The User Interface

I found the user interface to be the only drawback of this app, but that could be easily improved if given some attention to it. A good user interface is an advantage because it helps shoppers to communicate with ease without having to face any obstacle standing in the way.

Techie Smart Store is the ultimate shopping platform for gadgets and technologies that you can come across. It has got over a million products to browse through by customers, who can look into the best deals offered by thousands of brands and choose out the appropriate one to match his/her needs.

Techie Smart Store is available on Apple Apps Store & Google Play Store –

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Techie Smart Store – A Unique Price Alert Shopping App
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