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Targeted Search with PPC

One of the reasons why pay per click advertising is so desirable is that it targets customers who are actively looking for a certain product.

By including advertising in the paid search sections of Google, brands are able to position themselves right in front of customers looking for their products exactly when they are looking for it.

This has been proven to be beneficial for online firms, but technology has now evolved so that advertisers can now continue to target customers before they even search for a product they like.

‘Targeted advertising’ is the new big trend in digital marketing which involves advertising to customers based on what websites they have viewed in the past.

It utilises internet cookies to build a profile of internet users and allows firms to advertise to a certain demographic more accurately than ever before.

Sports clothing brands can now choose only to advertise to those who have visited football websites. If they wanted to get really specific then they could even choose only to advertise to West Ham United fans, or those who have visited West Ham United fan sites anyway.

This adds to the already impressive targeting options available to PPC users. For years, online businesses have been able to only target users based in a certain area during a certain time of day or certain day of the week.

Now, they don’t even have to wait until for customers to enter a certain website such as Google or Facebook to advertise their items. ‘Targeted adverts’ are appearing on a huge variety of websites, but only to the people who advertisers would like to see them. Every web user will be presented with different ads based on the profile generated by new PPC tracking software

It truly is a revolutionary product which is likely to make PPC advertising a bigger necessity than ever before. What’s more, those who do not want to be tracked by advertisers can simply opt-out of doing so downloading ‘Do Not Track’ software.

Those who want to get the most out of a targeted advertising campaign might want to consider outsourcing this side of their business to a PPC management company. This will ensure they have a better chance of targeting the customers with the most interest in their products.
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Targeted Search with PPC
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