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Six Latest Designing Tips for your Business Website

When you think of your business website, you probably think about how the site would look. However, a great web design is not just about making your site look cool, it is more than that. Its latest trend and technologies are used to generate leads, sell products and promote business effectively. It is all about making the most of the designing elements to gain competitive advantages.

Web design has come a long way in improving your business conversion. Designers have discovered specific designing elements that can do wonder in gaining the trust of the customers. Today’s topic of discussion will revolve around the best inspiring web design ingredients to make your website generate maximum revenue.

Effective navigation menu:

To make your customers move quickly from one page to another, the navigation menu should always remain visible.  The navigation menus should have clear drop-down categories to help clients organise the products they wish to view. In addition, FAQ and help tab should be incorporated in the menu so that customers can easily search for answers to commonly asked questions on the site.

Content strategy:

Content is the key element of customer experience. It should have its own approach to support interactive and meaningful practices. Provide your customers with some catchy content of your site. However, not knowing where to place the content or developing of your content can delay web design.  So where do you intend to place the content? Below the fold… well if the visitors need to scroll down chances are that many of them will not. However, if the content is above the fold, you know the effectiveness of your site design has already increased. Also it is advisable to move the sign-up form above the fold and talk business right away.

Clean design with prominent product images:

Clean design is a ‘must-have’ especially for your online business. This means you have to emphasis on the products. A visitor should be able to instantly identify what they are searching for. So, make sure that images are large enough to make the products easily discernable with good resolution.This means you have to keep the images less than 70kb. In addition, make sure the viewers have at least two different angles for each product and you can place as thumbnails on the product page for the visitors to view images at a larger size if desired.

Integrating videos are an excellent way to show off products.You can place ads of products, videos of how products are made or even how to use the products.

Design fewer call-to-actions and improve add to cart button:

Your site will need a call to action and add to cart button depending on what product your site sells. Most importantly, the add to cart button should not be lost amidst the different colour combination. It is highly important to use contrast colours keep the add to cart button stand out from the rest of the page.

Similarly, call to action button should be first graphic your consumers should spot on the page. Therefore, placing it in the best location possible is something to look into. Another consideration with the call to action button is the use of wording. Your explanation should clearly tell the customer exactly what you want them to do.

Reduce distracting visuals by using whitespace:

White space emphasise significant elements in a web page and is a valuable design component. This means your business marketing content will stand out more because of visitor’s eye focusing more on the functional elements. In other words, if your site visitors have to deal with fewer distractions, it will be easier to follow through on your call-to-action. It has been found, that consumers have better comprehension of information when surrounded by whitespace than information surrounded by meaningless elements. Whitespace improves usability and therefore, improves the chances of converting site visitors.

Put valuable elements in the header:

The header of the site should include elements which are valuable for your site. These add value to the consumer’s purchase. You may offer free shipping with certain purchase amount or provide stellar return policy. Therefore, anything that will increase the value of your company should be included in the header.

If your business site needs unique web design, Retox website design services in Newcastle is the ultimate place for you. They believe in delivering creativity and innovative technology to get tangible results.

Hassem Clark is a social media freak, currently designated as a senior project leader in a digital marketing agency. He loves sharing marketing insights with people from cross-functional teams. While writing for technology blogs he often takes inspirations from Retox Digital online marketing agency.
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Six Latest Designing Tips for your Business Website
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