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SEO E-Commerce: How to increase visits and conversions?

Gain visibility to an e-commerce site means first of all attract new potential customers and increase conversions convincing them to buy your products.
To be able to appear in the first page on the search engines for keywords related to the products for sale is essential to develop strategies and SEO activities: in this post we suggest the steps to follow to optimize your e-commerce with a concise and comprehensive guide.

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How to optimize product pages

Usually, the success of e-commerce in terms of SEO depends on the amount of goods for sale . There could be thousands of searches for each item, and if you have 100,000 products in stock we are more likely to be found by users than a site that only sells a couple of products.
The pages of your e-commerce website are optimized for search engines? They are useful for potential customers?

Check if they have these requirements and how to intervene to the changes:

Enter the name of the product in the meta Title. A council obvious and yet many do not!
The name of the product must be present in the text. Try adding the keywords that people frequently combine in addition to the product name (eg “You can buy the product with free shipping costs”).
The name of the product should be added in the attribute Alt Title image for the product.
The name of the product should be present in the URL . It serves to bring up the snippet understandable in search results.

Different pages for different colors . It may seem strange, but many people every day look for products of a particular color, such as “iPhone 4gs black”, so it is important to realize different pages for each color available, this will increase the chances of intercepting users performing specific searches. In this case, the product descriptions are changed, otherwise the pages will be with the duplicate content , which involves known as the penalties on search engines.
Do not forget the localized keywords. One of the possibilities to use localized keywords (such as the product name + the city) is to add a tab with information about the delivery and reporting of the most important cities in which you do the service, chosen based on the amount of web traffic that generate .
Diversify content on the product page, perhaps using user reviews . It is difficult to realize original descriptions for thousands of products. However, if you are allowing users to leave feedback   not only will this improve the user experience, but will enrich the content and attract traffic long-tail. In addition, following the updates of the Google algorithm, the reviews can be used to generate rich snippets , which in SERP bring a strong increase in CTR , since users are attracted by the opinions about the products. Do not miss this opportunity.

Check the internal structure of the site

Sometimes it is possible to obtain an improvement in the ranking by making changes to the internal structure of the site.

These are two examples:

Categories based on research and interests of the visitors: User requirements are to be satisfied, so if you’re planning categories and subcategories of your site seeks to understand the intentions and interests of your potential customers . To get an idea of what terms are most sought after by users, you can use the tool for keywords in google , and make your choice basandoti on the volume of keywords. At the same time if you already have a website with an internal search engine, you can analyze the research done by the users and extend or adapt the categorization of products based on these valuable inputs.
Internal links that include keyword: uses the internal links on your site to the product pages. For example, if the first link pointing to your own category is an image, make sure it has an appropriate Alt text.

Properly index an e-commerce

How to start selling immediately the new arrivals?

Just follow these moves to improve the indexing of new products:

Insert a direct link to the “new arrivals” from the homepage, or better yet use a sitewide link, for example in the footer. “New Arrivals” is a result of research that leads quickly to the latest products you have in stock. For Google it easier to find new products in this way because the homepage is “spiderata” more often.
Implement sitemap sitemap and smart . Have a look at and their sitemap “noindex, follow, noarchive” Why use meta-tags so strange? The reason is that every time the Googlebot visits a site has little time and then serves you visit multiple pages possible without wasting time (for this we use the meta noindex tag and noarchive).

Focus on a few products

Usually the majority of sales comes from a small percentage of the products, the rest is impossible to showcase all equally and be able to sell in proportion. For this reason it is advisable to dedicate more efforts to those few products instead of investing on every single item for sale. Be sure to link and give proper emphasis to the product pages bestseller from the homepage of e-commerce .

Better the quality of the quantity

Spend to generate traffic that does not increase conversions is a waste of money. ‘s positive gain visibility with business SEO / SEM for generic keywords like “camera”, but the long-tail words like “Canon EOS” can intercept user profiles and more therefore more likely to make a purchase.
As for the lyrics, please use the Google Keyword Tool may cause you to use content similar to your competitors, while it is preferable to also study the data provided by Google Analytics on the product page that you want to promote. After identifying the long-tail keywords that attract more users you insert these words in the text of the page so that the top ranking.

Use Google Plus and Google Places

Many brands have a fanpage on Facebook, but to be visible on Google you must have a page on Google Plus and Google Places , especially in the case of an e-commerce site that also has real stores. Create a card with all the detailed information: opening hours, pictures of the store, real-time updates and also offers.
According to Google Places for Business, 97% of users look online shops with a physical location, so it is essential to be found for the search geolocated .

Depend on

Often, e-commerce sites are generated from structured data, which are converted to html for users but are not optimized for Google. provides structured data markup accessible by search engines. These protocols are useful because they help Google to index the site correctly and also organize properly the information displayed by the users in their searches .

First of all Usability

We all know how important the user experience and that what is good for users is also positive for Google.
An e-commerce site accessible and intuitive to navigate is the first step to deal with, then you have to take care of the SEO : the more time people spend on your site, will be less likely to return to the previous page of results, and this signals to Google to have indicated the right site in the SERP. Finally, users who liked your site will be more motivated to link it and spontaneous links are the ones that can make you reach the first page.

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SEO E-Commerce: How to increase visits and conversions?
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