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What is a Selfie Video Recording Drone? Customer Reviews and Where to Get One

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Nowadays, the selfie has evolved and adapted to the needs of people in modern societies. Today, each of us takes selfie on a regular basis and we all love it. It’s a completely different story than what the case was only couple of years before. Having said that, the fact that the drones’ market is nowadays getting flooded with various selfie drones comes as no surprise to all drone lovers.

The main characteristics of such a drone is its small size (plus you can also get a foldable drone as well which makes these the perfect travelling companions), ease of use and solid camera. Although they have just started to grow in fame, there are already numerous models available on the market. A drone like this provides you with the possibility of making the perfect selfie. The best thing about it is that your drone does the whole job while you’re posing for the selfie of your dreams.

What is a selfie?

If, by any chance, some of you guys were living under a rock in the past five or six years and you still do not know what a selfie is, then here’s to your 101 birthday. Selfie is basically a self-portrait photo that has gained global popularity during the last couple of years.

But, believe it or not, the selfie ranges way, way, way back. If we’re to be more precise here, it was the American pioneer of photography Robert Cornelius who shot a selfie in 1839. On the back of the photograph, he wrote: “The First light picture ever taken. 1839.”

How did they become so popular?

Well, to be honest, this was only a matter of time. In our personal opinion, as soon as mainstream smartphones got decent front cameras, the selfie game started evolving. Nowadays, selfie is the most common thing out there…at least in the Western world. People are using the selfie to capture precious moments and memories from their trips across the world. A selfie needs to feature a special location and be associated with the memory of a dear experience.

Are there any other gadgets for selfie out there?

When it comes to gadgets for selfie, some of you will be surprised to find out that selfie drones aren’t the first ones available on the market. Before this type of drone, it was the infamous selfie stick that started first. Initially it appeared as a trolling figure but quickly turned into a huge success with people buying it like it was for free. Of course, selfie sticks increased the popularity of the selfie even more… and before we know it, everybody starts taking a selfie every day. Hence, it is quite obvious this drone is basically the next level in the process, succeeding good old selfie sticks. These drones are stepping up on the selfie game and look so damn good doing so.

Mini drone for selfie – what is it?

Nowadays you will not surprise anyone if you take a selfie stick or a camera out of the bag. But this is already a thing of the past! Today it’s time for electronic steadicams and selfie drones! What is a selfie drone, what does such a drone need and what to look for when buying one – you ask? Read this article and get answers to your questions.

This is a great replacement for the selfie stick, which has become very present in modern life, especially since the drone is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

The drone is no larger than an ordinary mug. It moves in the air at a speed of 25 km / h, flies away from the owner for a distance of up to 100 meters and remains in the air up to half an hour. The drone is equipped with a GPS-module and, importantly, knows how to overcome obstacles. It is able to fly behind the master absolutely without control, which means that you will have a huge number of various shots.

It seems to be a simple idea, but it opens up a whole ramshackle market, which can easily absorb all these selfish sticks and devices for self-portraiture. What are the advantages of these mini drones? First, it’s the size. Some of the representatives of this still small class can easily fit in the palm of your hand. Secondly, they are all lighter than 250 grams. Thirdly, a whole untapped field of successful camera angles and unusual pictures opens, which can be done with mini drones for selfie.

selfie drone

Selfie Drones – new-fashioned gadgets for photography

Literally a few years ago “selfie” and “drone” were incomprehensible words that could only be heard in narrow circles of fans that liked to shoot themselves and fans of aerial photography.

Now, when both concepts are experiencing a peak of their popularity, compact devices have come to market, combining aerial photography and self-portraits – better known as selfie drones.

Throughout the world such drones have acquired enormous popularity for taking photos and videos in the style of selfie. Do not assume that a drone that can make a selfie, is only for selected people. Such devices are real helpers for bloggers, reporters, and journalists. A drone for selfie is the best thing you could think of for taking photo and video. This is the best unmanned flying gadget that makes an amazing selfie.

In addition, such drones are characterized by the fact that they can be folded and transformed, which can be very convenient for a person to carry them inside a pocket or in a purse. Despite the fact that they are small in size, the camera in them is quite good quality. This allows you to make a very high-quality selfie and video recordings. The Mavic Pro drone, for example, can really please you with a very attractive selfie or a video. Now it can be ordered even through the Internet, which is very convenient.

selfie drone specification

Unlike conventional drones, they rise to a small height. However, they do not need better indicators. After all, the need for shooting from larger distances, as a rule, is not needed. In addition, some models are designed for flights in close proximity to the owner. Therefore, they do not need a more powerful mechanism for conducting flights. Now, these models have gained quite a high popularity. The DJI Spark drone, for example, is very common among lovers of selfie and is one of the best options. Another common model is the Yuneec Breeze drone. It has a very good camera, which has a resolution of 13 megapixels. It also has the function of following the owner, so you do not have to think about controlling the mini device – it will follow you, which is really very convenient.

Thus, drones for making selfie, without a doubt, can be called a real breakthrough in the field of selfie. That’s why more and more people are starting to think about buying these mini devices. Now they are very common.

The main advantages of selfie drones according to reviews

The main feature and advantage of this drone is its compactness. This mini device is the size of a small smartphone and easily fits in a pocket or backpack. Selfie means spontaneity and here miniature size is certainly useful.

Virtually all of these drones have a folding design: the blades are usually folded into the case, and some of the latest models even fold in half: in general, the design of this type of drone is a field for experimenting.

selfi camera drone

Advanced cameras on board

Particular attention in drones for shooting selfie is paid to the camera, because nobody wants to get granular or blurry shots from the cheap mini device.

The camera modules are capable of outputting both HD and Full HD, and 4K resolution and can shoot video at a frame rate of up to 120 fps. Active noise reduction and high photo sensitivity exclude graininess, lightning and the effect of overdoing.

Built-in electronic and optical stabilizers work together with automatic or manual focusing and give the shooting excellent smoothness. A selfie drone will never smudge or light a valuable selfie.

Selfie Drones: Functionality

These mini devices have a whole set of software and hardware chips for a selfie:

  • Compact drones can fly straight from the palm of your hand, which is especially valuable when you quickly and clearly need to get the coveted selfie. The auto-return function helps the mini device to return to the take-off point without problems
  • No one is left out of the frame thanks to a wide-angle shot: the angle of the video capture of drones reaches a mark of 120 degrees
  • The functions of capturing the face and tracking the moving object will allow you not to be distracted by the control: the drone will automatically follow you to the end of the world
  • Flight mode around a given point will make a photo report from all sides. As a rule, together with the regime they use serial shooting to select the best shots and angles
  • Some selfie drones are protected from the effects of moisture and pollution by IP standards, which makes it possible to use compact drones in any weather. Excellent replacement for action cameras, is it not?

selfie drone quadcopter

Intuitive operation

Everything in drones for selfie is compact, so here you will not find the control panel, because that will be your smartphone or iPad. Communication with the smartphone is carried out over wireless networks of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Special applications on Android or IOS contain all the controls and are most often equipped with functionality for the initial processing of footage and a wide range of photo and video settings.

Technical features of Selfie Drones

It should be said that the mini drone is not a full-fledged quadcopter. The compact dimensions, narrow range of use scenarios and light weight create a particular specificity of these drones:

  • The devices are not designed for flights over long distances: the effective shooting distance reaches 20-30 meters.
  • Small, low-capacity batteries do not allow drones to stay in the air for too long. For them, the script of a quick photograph or episodic shooting is closer.

These drones are still quite new, but promising and rapidly developing direction in the market.

features of selfie drone

What to look for when buying a Selfie Drone?

Finding a drone which meets all of your needs can be a tricky business, especially if your need is using the drone for selfie. Yet, since we are an informative portal, we are going to help you make your decision and find the right drone for you. So, if you want to buy a drone for selfie there are three key elements you should focus on:

JJRC selfie drone app

1. Camera

The most obvious element of a good drone for selfie is naturally its camera. If you want to shoot an outstanding aerial selfie or a video, your mini drone needs to have a top-notch image sensor. Depending on the planned budget, one should ideally look for stabilized cameras that can take FHD or even 4K images / videos. Although the old myth about “more megapixels equaling to higher quality” is wrong, you still aim for a sensor with at least 12mpx. Do not take stabilization for granted. Especially if you want to record videos with your mini drone. Motorized gimbals are more important than most drone owners think. If you’re considering a drone with no motorized gimbals, you are up for facing difficulties shooting any decent selfie or video.

2. Size

Second important aspect of every good selfie drone is the size. Also, bear in mind that the market today offers you to buy a foldable drone. Hence, be sure to keep an eye out for the folded and unfolded size of the drone not to mess your criteria up when making your choice.

In an ideal case, you should search for a drone that can be easily carried around wherever you go. The cool thing about a foldable drone is they can easily fit into a purse. Mobility is an important factor – what good is a selfie drone if it’s never there when the user needs it the most, right?

3. Battery

If you are planning on buying a drone then the range is not something you need to worry about. But, the battery is a completely different story. You don’t have to be told twice that it takes an incredibly lot of time to shoot the perfect selfie. The whole process is an art itself! For this reason, any drone of this type with a battery life less than 10 minutes is a completely wrong choice. Even 15 if you plan on shooting more than two selfies per day.

What is a Selfie Video Recording Drone? Customer Reviews and Where to Get One
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