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Resized Boot Volume With Reliable Partition Manager Utility

I have partitioned my Mac drive into two different volumes of equal sizes, one for vital official data, second one for my personal data and data related to entertainment like songs, videos, music, etc. But, another day while working on my Mac, I realized that a drive which was containing my crucial official files was overloaded with data and my personal drive was almost empty. Suddenly, a thought came into my mind to resize Mac partition. I searched over the internet to find out whether there is some inbuilt utility in Mac which can resize the volumes and got positive responses as ‘Disk Utility’.
But, further in my search I found that partitioning of Boot volume cannot be resized with disk utility and since in my case I only wanted to increase the size of Boot partition so, I could not use this Disk Utility.
Further, in my search I found that this task can be done with third-party partition manager utility. These utilities efficiently manage volumes created on Mac hard drive including the Boot volume and without causing data loss. Thus, by using reliable third-party partition manager utility I can resize, create, delete, hide, reveal, format a partition. While going through various blogs, posts, and articles, I found that one of the most efficient and user-friendly partition manager software is Stellar Phoenix Partition Manager. Thus, finding a good number of positive responses for this software, I initially downloaded the free demo version of this software and amazed to see the user friendliness of this utility. Since, from the demo version we can only create, delete, or format Mac volume and for resizing we have to purchase the license of this software.
Since, I was quite impressed by the features of this tool so instantly purchased this utility which bears a minimal cost with respect to data loss or purchase for any data recovery utility. Hence, by using this powerful partition manager Mac utility, I created the bootable DVD and by using this Boot DVD, resized the boot partition. Though, the software performed so well and instantly resized even the Boot partition but it was recommended to backup all the data while working on the Boot volume. So as per the recommendation I did the same. In the end I would just like to say that Stellar Phoenix Partition Manager is one of those utilities which resize Mac partition by optimizing the free space and the software is compatible with the latest Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

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