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Recent Google PR Update and its results

Google PR update, this is what all webmasters, site owners and bloggers are waiting for. Google is just in process of PR up gradation of all sites into its database. Many of blogs and sites experienced PR updating on 27th of June though it’s not the final change, this process called Google PR Dance. Statistic says within 2 or 3 days it will be stable. 
Many of us may have confutation with Google Dance and Google PR Dance, so here is some brief explanation: Keyword result of Google SERP is mainly affected by Google Dance. Google Dancing occurs on average every 36 days or 10 times per year. So PR change is not the effect of Google dancing. 
Some important PR update results:
  •      I am quite happy for recent Google PR update. I have total 9 sites, among those I got PR 1 from PR 0 in 3 blogs including Techno World News, its PR 1 now, but little bit unhappy to see one of my blog PR coming down to PR 1 from PR 3. So, no one knows what will happen after PR up gradation of Google.
  • comes down to PR 9 from PR 10
  • comes down to PR 7 from PR 8
  • PR remains same, It’s PR 10
  • PR comes up to PR 5 from PR 4
  •  PR comes down to PR 6 from PR 7
  • PR is changed in a huge mark; it is now PR 7 from PR 2.
Now my friends may have some questions to see that “why the PR of Google’s own home page comes down as Page Rank is their own implementation?”
No one knows the actual reason and logic on behind this; it’s a mystery to all of us. But according to my knowledge this PR update is happening by the very complex Google algorithm which is coded by huge numbers of Google programmers and there are lots of conditions. So, it’s not depending on any individual ones, when the time has come the code automatically generate and the result will come up after 2 or 3 days as Google has huge database and takes effects on every A to Z sites including Google also. 
What is the actual time of Google PR update?
After long record all of we can understand that Google generally update their database every 3-4 months. Last PR update occurred 9 January 2011. So it is quite expected that Google update PR within June 2011. Now we are looking forward Google’s next PR update, which may be on November 2011.
In the conclusion, I should say Google PR update is just like an exam result, every webmaster use to wait for this after their 3-4 months hard works on their own sites. 
I hope all the Techno World News readers like this article and I welcome you to share about your site’s PR update with us.
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Recent Google PR Update and its results
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