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How to Publish Content on Forbes, The Huffington Post & Entrepreneur Website?

Publish content on Forbes

Now-a-day two things are very important for online promotion for your website promotion, one is On-page optimization and another is content promotion. On-page optimization is very much important to rank your website naturally in search engines initially. After the on-page is done, you need to promote the website. But from 2012 the whole scenario of online marketing was changed. The traditional link building strategies like reciprocal link exchange, 3 way link exchange, directory submission not work that much now-a-day. But the only thing is still in the rally is Content marketing. SEO Companies are promoting client’s websites by guest postings, blog postings to build the domain authority and getting high quality backlinks.

Do go for quality, not quantity

This is very important because if you produce a content of 500 to 600 words with promotional stuffs, flat content, it may not be accepted by most of the guest blogs and definitely by popular publishers. You can also read our previous post on 10 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Content Marketing

You need to concern about the quality of the content. What are things can make your content tight and you can able to publish it on big websites like on Forbes, The Huffington Post & etc.

8 Things You Need To Keep in Mind before Approaching Forbes, Huffington Post & Entrepreneur for Content Contribution

  1. A content with no grammatical and spelling mistakes. You should definitely use tools like Grammerly.
  2. The content should be 100% unique. You need to check the content with
  3. Content should be with the length of minimum 1000 words
  4. Content should not look like a promotional article. Build a content which can connect with the readers with the information and emotionally. You can read this also Invest On One Great Content Instead, To Get 100% ROI
  5. Storytelling format is getting popularity now-a-day. If you have any scope to build storytelling type content, go for it.
  6. Make your article well structured with proper headings, sub-headings, bullet points, quotations.
  7. References are very much important. If you are mentioning any data, survey or quotations in the content body, it is very important to give the proper reference of that thing. It will build up the authenticity of your content.
  8. Publishing in website like Forbes, The Huffington Post & is a big deal. You need to follow their multiple rules and the rejection possibility is 99%. For this you can rely on some of the great publication company like Published SEO who can take care of your content and publish that on big website like Forbes, Huffington Post & Entrepreneur.

Final Takeaway

So, it is not about the quantity which is matter today’s Digital Marketing work. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the quantity and as I said it before that, from a single content you can get 100% revenue. What you need to do is produce a high quality content and publish it on big, popular, high traffic website like Forbes,  Huffington Post, Entrepreneur and many more.

How to Publish Content on Forbes, The Huffington Post & Entrepreneur Website?
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