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Optimize Your Site to Generate Traffic

It is common perception that well designed sites stand out in the web jungle. Based on this believe many people hire a designer to set up a site; but are often disappointed with the number of visitors. In the process may be the most important part is left out. To generate traffic for your website you have to concentrate on marketing it; in simple words invest your time in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
It refers to the techniques that enable a site to avail more traffic and eventually increase in conversion rate.

It is not about purchasing the best rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft; but you have to follow certain rules to make the best out of your site. Let’s find these out

Researching the keyword
SEO begins with finding the keywords that you want to target. Decide three or four words that you think will help your website rank well. To make your website rank high you have to find out unique or specific keywords. People searching over net are either specific or confused. Thus, the keyword should be such that it meets requirements of both these categories. However, stuffing too much keyword in your web pages can act negatively.
Help Search engine to Distinguish the pages
Always keep in mind that human beings are not your only target; you are also designing the site for search engine. Search engines crawl the website and categorize the web information in such a manner that users can easily find what they are looking for. You have to do few things to make the job of search engine easy

  • Clearly state content of each page
  • Put title tags
  • Avoid duplicating content
  • If two pages are similar; distinguish one from the other
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Optimize Your Site to Generate Traffic
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