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Nintendo 3DS – Go into the 3D Game World

If you are a fan of Nintendo games and you are keen on exploring the new possibilities of 3D games, then you definitely have to get Nintendo 3DS. This latest creation of Nintendo guarantees you unique gameplay experiences with its realistic 3D graphics. Its 3D screen and depth slider effects make even the unbelievable things become a reality. The two screens and
built-in motion sensor make the experience even more memorable. This new device comes with its amazing features and attracts the attention of all game-lovers with its uniqueness.
If you wonder what is new and different in this latest creation of Nintendo, the right answer comes immediately. Of course, Nintendo 3DS amazes with its 3D features. In contrast to its predecessor Nintendo DS XL, the new device can play 3D games and videos. Despite the fact that there are also some similarities between Nintendo 3DS and its previous version, such as the abilities to download games and applications, there are also some distinguishable features. In contrast to Nintendo DS XL, the display of which works at 256 x 192 pixel resolution, the new 3DS model runs at 800 x 240 pixel resolution. This change was necessary to make the 3D effects visible to the eye. Furthermore, the new model has 16.77 million colors which is much more than  Nintendo DS XL, which displays 262,144 colors. 
There are some similar functionalities which are included not only in Nintendo 3DS, but also in the previous versions  Nintendo DS XL, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite. All of them, of course, can play 2D games and Nintendo games, as well as browse the net. Except for Nintendo DS Lite, the other models use in-built cameras to make pictures and SD cards to store music, pictures and games. A great advantage of Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS XL and Nintendo DS is that they all have the option to control information accessed by children.
The new Nintendo 3DS has some brand new features unseen till that moment in the previous Nintendo models. It has the ability to create an Augmented reality. There are also two new features which were unknown before. Nintendo 3DS comes with the StreetPassfeature which gives users the ability to exchange data with other Nintendo owners near them. Moreover, this latest creation has another feature – SpotPass , which is able to detect wireless HotSpots to access content on the go.
Nintendo 3DS is equipped with some pre-installed software which include: AR Games™, Face Raiders™, Mii Maker™, StreetPass™, Mii Plaza, Activity Log, Nintendo eShop4, Nintendo 3DS™, Browser4, Nintendo 3DS™ Camera, Nintendo 3DS™ Sound.
All of these great features the user will enjoy on a 3.53 inches display. You can choose from three colors – red, blue and black and decide which one best suits you.
What has to be pointed out is that in contrast to users` expectations, Nintendo 3DS has the same price as its predecessor no matter that it comes with brand new features which are not included in the previous model. This means that for the same price you can enjoy better visual effects and gaming experience!

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Nintendo 3DS – Go into the 3D Game World
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