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Mosquito Trap Box with Mosquito lamp: The Ultimate Insect Killer To Protect You from Dengue

The Mosquito Box

As per latest research and survey we came to know that Mosquito is the World’s deadliest insect. Total 725,000 people are killed by mosquitoes. The latest risk of Zika and malaria virus is increasing day by day in the tropical countries all over the World. This is the reason why scientists are making such device which can protect you from mosquito bites.

Introducing The Mosquito Box or MBOX, a new generation Mosquito Trap by Brian Lamsee

Brief About The Company:

It is using innovative trapping methods to trap mosquitoes Indoors and Outdoors. The device was developed by QM international limited, an international company based in Hong Kong. This company was formed by a group of people that have a hatred for mosquitoes. They have cooperated with Hong Kong Government and other public in controlling mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are becoming a global issue more day by day. With the increasing vector and new urban environments for mosquitoes you can see that the diversity of viruses are mutating. Prevention is one method but being bitten once can already have serious consequences. That is the only reason we developed MBOX with brand new technology to prevent this.

The Mosquito Box (MBOX)

How MBOX Works:

This insect killer uses a combination of different methods to lure female mosquitoes. Mainly female mosquitoes bike us, so it falls into the trap of The Mosquito Box. From below list you can find the technology and links to their workings.

Take a look the work process in-depth:

Photocatalysis effect –

The effect which is called Photocatalysis (Tio2 -> co2/h2o) (Air Purify) and with this The Mosquito Box attract female mosquitoes.

Female mosquitoes find humans by tracking CO2 nad H2O. They can track CO2 up to 50 meters.

Photocatalysis Action

The UV mosquito lamp of the box irradiates a surface coated with Titanium Dioxide to enable the photo catalysis effect (see below) to lure mosquitoes.

This effect was discovered by Dr. Akira Fujishima from Tokyo University of Science and it helps simulate the human breath of Co2 and moisture that mosquitoes use to track their prey.

Mosquito Sight (Mirror Surface) –

Mosquitoes have 2 eyes which is called compound eyes. It is called compound because these eyes are made with thousands of lenses which is called ommatidia.

From a Mosquito's Perspective

As per research and testing it was proved that mosquitoes are attracted by color black. Also as mosquitoes always love to stay in a group, the technology Mirroring Surface give a feeling to a mosquito that she is not flying alone and it increase the chances of the mosquito nearing to The Mosquito Box.

USB 3.0 (Quick Charge) / (Heat Generation) –

This insect killer has a USB 3.0 port with which you can recharge your mobile phones. It also increases the heat generation of the box to attract mosquitoes

Additional Heat Generation by USB

Spectral Attraction (CCFL/UV Color) –

The CCFL light produces the same body heat like humans and this the reason why mosquitoes are attracted by this mosquito lamp. Another benefit is a CCFL light can last up to 40+ hours in comparison to other UV lights and also CCFL light uses 60% less energy than the traditional UV bulbs.

CCFL Light

Biogents Attractants  (Optional Attractants) –

As per lab test it was proved that with optional sweet scent attractants the trapping efficiency of The Mosquito Box increased significantly. Though the MBOX can function without the optional attractants.


Where to buy The Mosquito Box:

Currently you can find it in Kickstarter. From there you can order your first MBOX.

If you have any other queries you can contact with the below information:

Business name QM international limited – Mosquito Expert

Business address 36 Sounth 18th Ave Brighton CO 80601

Mobile or whatsapp: (852) 95550154

Business phone: (852) 35687814


Business e-mail: qmcomhk [@] gmail [.] com

Business owner: QM international limited

Mosquito Trap Box with Mosquito lamp: The Ultimate Insect Killer To Protect You from Dengue
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