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Making It Easy with Mobile Law Apps

The popularity of mobile applications is definitely increasing and becoming much more relevant in all aspects of each consumer’s daily life. LibGuide ( lists several mobile applications that may be beneficial for both law students and practicing attorneys. This resource is provided by the UCLA School of Law, Hugh and Hazel Darling Law Library. 

Another source for mobile law apps is that sponsors  free RSS feed for law students and lawyers to receive information about new apps they may find interested. In order to receive the information, users must subscribe to the database. For more information about the database, visit Some of the newer apps include Wage and Hour Guide, Seller Beware and The Book of Jargon© – Hedge Funds.

Popular Law Apps:

Above the Law is an app that provides legal news and commentary to all articles and weekly features. The features are created solely for those who subscribe to the app and allow subscribers to read Above the Law on any mobile device. The app is free to download and includes over 200 articles every month. 

The Bloomberg Law Reports is an app that allows subscribers to Bloomberg Law to easily access Bloomberg BNA Law Reports. Some of the reports include the Daily Labor Report, Daily Tax Report, Daily Report for Executives and U.S. Law Week. Subscribers to the app will discover authoritative and timely reporting and analysis of various areas including legal, legislative, regulatory and business developments. 

Ilaro is a research note taking database that was developed to take the best features of note cards, research journals and databases and combine them into a single interface app. The use of this app makes it easier to organize research notes, track citations and even develop ideas while preparing to write research reports. 

Android Law Apps

While there always appears to be more apps available for Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod, it is important for developers to realize that not every law firm or law student will have an Apple device. For this reason there is a need to have apps that are compatible with Android and other platforms. By making apps limiting and only providing access for one platform, the developers run the risk of restricting the sales of their products. There are many ways in which law students, lawyers and others in the legal profession can benefit from these apps including time tracking, employee records, client databases, research and much more. The key element is for developers to understand the need and perhaps create apps versatile enough to be compatible for all platforms. 


With the increased use of mobile devices throughout the legal community such as  smartphones, laptops and tablets, there is a need for more apps for lawyers and students who are conducting research on the road. Mobile technology makes it easier for everyone to carry a lightweight device when traveling, and when apps are available for all platforms, developers can be ensured of more sales and satisfied customers.

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Making It Easy with Mobile Law Apps
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