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How to Track Your Phone’s GPS Location

Track Your Phone GPS

There may be many reasons you want to track the exact GPS location of your or your families phone, but until now there hasn’t been a simple way to do this. If you want to track your phone, you need to a have some sort of tracking app installed to the phone before it is lost.

You could also use a phone tracker app to keep track of your kids and their whereabouts, find out if you are being cheated on, keep logs of your phone’s activity and GEO mapping to see exactly where the phone has gone that day.

Step 1:

Sign up and download the cell tracking app. This app will give you access to the target phone’s texts, calls, emails, social apps and GPS locations in real time. The app has 24/7 support, so you if you run into any errors, you can easily get it solved and make sure your tracker is working 100 percent.

Step 2:

Install the tracking app to the desired phones. We recommend installing a cell tracker to your own phone, as well as your families phones, in case they are lost or stolen, they can be recovered. You could also use this on your teens phones, to make they are aren’t getting into trouble or doing drugs. The app is discrete, so this is possible.

Step 3:

Start tracking. You can now view all activity from the phones you installed the app on. Log in to your dashboard from any internet browser and view all activity. All you need is your user name and password and you can view from any device, from anywhere. All you need is internet access and you can get view phone activity.

GPS GEO Fencing

One of the best parts of this cell tracking app is the GEO fencing feature it includes. This will lay out the phones GPS history on a map and show the exact route it was on throughout the day, along with what times of each location. This is perfect for finding your phone if you lost it, or seeing if your kids are going where they say they are.

Should you track your kids phones?

The laws don’t prohibit you from tracking your kids phones, but it may create a distrust from your teens. It is important that you use a very discreet tracking app such as the one we recommend above. This will ensure that your teen doesn’t find the app and see you are tracking their phone. Alternatively, you can tell your teens their phone has a gps tracking app for their safety. If something happens to them, you can find their exact location and could even save their life in situations where you otherwise wouldn’t have found them for hours.

It’s up for you as a parent to decide if you want to put a gps tracking app on your teens cell phone device. Although it may break the trust of you and your teen, it could also save their life.

How to Track Your Phone’s GPS Location
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