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How to Promote with Social Media and Not Annoy?

Spamming is annoying for anyone but people often do it without realizing. This is especially the case when it comes to social media. People add their links and click “post” without really questioning if it offers insight for their followers or subscribers. More often than not, they are spamming their feed with constant promotions of their work or products. Social media is a great way to promote your business, as long as you are willing to do it with care.

Think About Your Followers and Subscribers

Think about the people who are following you. Why are they doing that? They may have seen a book by you and want to know more or used a product and want to know about other products or services that you offer. They are following you for a reason and that is not because they want to be on the receiving end of your self-promotion.
People follow you because of your authority and you need to give them a reason to show that. Interact with your followers and ask for feedback. They are more likely to retweet an answer or share a reply to your comment to their friends and other followers, which increases your reach.

Give a Reason to View the Link

Why should someone click the link that you are sharing? Give them a reason, such as a short intro about what it offers or a quick link about why you find it interesting. Don’t just share everything you have; pick the links that offer more for your readers. If they like one thing, they are more likely to click further and find out more about you.

A good introduction to a link would be “Did you know…Read this to find out more” or “Have you ever wondered…read on to find out the answer.” A bad introduction is just including the title or just the link. The introduction needs to give someone a reason to click the link, such as promising to answer a question or solve a problem – just make sure the link follows through.

Don’t Post Too Much

If you do a lot of work in a day, such as many articles for different sites or take a lot of photos, it is easy to want to share them all. The problem is that this causes people to share too much. Their followers’ feeds are covered in posts from you, they can’t see what they want and end up clicking the unfollow button. That isn’t what you want.

Limit your posts to three per day but don’t do them at the same time. Space them out throughout the day. This is three per social media site, so you can add different ones to different social media networks to help share everything – just make sure they are not linked together. If you haven’t done anything one day, share something that you did in the past as long as it is evergreen material or offers an answer to someone’s question.

Use Automated Software Carefully

Automated software can make it easier for you to share your pieces quickly, without being at the computer, but they take the personal element away. It makes it harder to follow current trends or share something that you did that day. If you are going to be on holiday for a week, the automated software could be useful but if you are at your computer anyway, set a schedule and post personally to add messages.
Avoid spamming with social media. It is a great network as long as used well. If people like what you share, they will help you share it and you could find that it goes viral. However, offer something that your followers want and give them a reason to click the link.
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How to Promote with Social Media and Not Annoy?
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