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How to Pass Of CompTIA Mobile Application Security+ Certification?

What is CompTIA mobile application security+ exam?

The CompTIA Mobile App Security+ exam certification guarantees that designers have the learning and abilities important to outline and fabricate secure provisions.

Why CompTIA Mobile App Security+?

CompTIA Mobile application security+ certification is important for you because it:
  • Separate yourself as an application engineer
  • Comprehensively distinguished CompTIA name
  • Show your dedication to keeping applications secure

Jobs that utilization CompTIA Mobile App Security+

This certification can be utilized for the following jobs:
  • Versatile Application Developer
  • Programming Developer
  • Provision Development Manager
  • System Security Developer

Certification details:


Total number of questions to get this certification will be 100 and you have to attempt all of them.


Total time given to complete the exam is 90 minutes. You are not allowed to take extra time for your test.

Passing score:

To pass the exam and to get this certification passing score is 730. It is between 100 to 900 scale.

Exam pattern:

Exam pattern will be MCQ based.

Language for the test:

The language to take the test is English.

Exam codes:

For android version exam code is ADR-001
For IOS version exam code is IOS-001

Domains covered by IOS-001:

Domains covered by IOS-001 are as follows:
  • Requisition Security and SDLC Fundamentals
  • Objective-C Coding
  • IOS, APIS and Security Features
  • Web Service and Network Security
  • Information Security and Implementing Encryption
  • Requisition Hardening

Domains covered by ADR-001:

Domains covered by ADR-001 are as follows:
  • Portable provision security, SDLC, and danger shows
  • Android SDK, APIS, and security offers
  • Web administration and system security
  • Information security and actualizing encryption
  • Requisition solidifying and invert designing 5%
  • Secure Java coding

Information related to CompTIA mobile application security+ certification:

The CompTIA Mobile App Security+ accreditation blankets the information and abilities needed to safely make a local IOS or Android portable provision, while additionally guaranteeing secure system correspondences and backend web administrations.

There are two releases of the CompTIA Mobile App Security+ exam:

1. One for Android improvement (ADR-001) and
2. One for ios advancement (IOS-001).

You just need to take one exam to get ensured.Certification training material is the best option to get success in these exams and you can get it by visiting to selftest training.

Topics related to get the certification:

The CompTIA Mobile App Security+ exam destinations test a hopeful’s information and aptitude with respect to:
  • Security standards, secure improvement life cycles, and danger shows
  • Security characteristics of programming improvement units and API
  • Administration and system security
  • Information security and executing encryption
  • Requisition solidifying and invert designing
  • Secure coding practices

The point when an engineer gets ready for and has the ability to pass the Mobile App Security+ confirmation exam, it indicates managements and clients that she or he is a designer with paramount major abilities in improving secure applications for Android and iPhone.
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How to Pass Of CompTIA Mobile Application Security+ Certification?
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