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7 Insider Tips to Get More Traffic from Search Engines

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If you have a business online, then you know that getting a high website ranking in Google is paramount to increasing brand awareness.Hubspot attests to this in its research that affirms companies with blogs have 97% more traffic than the ones without. It comes as no surprise that companies exert effort into building and maintaining a blog.

The question is – how do you get people to know about your blog? If you are a startup company or a newbie at making money online, how can you compete with websites who have more influence and search engine optimization (SEO) tricks up their sleeve?

Here are 7 insider tips to get more traffic from search engines:

1. Write for both audience and search engines.

If you have been scouring the internet for SEO tips, chances are, you already know that you should write for the people who read your content and not search engines. While this is a sound advice, it is also worthwhile to remember that writing for search engines is not a completely bad idea.

This doesn’t mean stuffing your content with keywords to trick search engine bots into pulling up your website. You can still write for your readers and be conscious about search engines by doing keyword research. After deciding on your topic, use keyword planners and research for the best possible keywords that you can naturally use for your blog. Tip: go for long tail key terms instead of single words. This has less competition but stronger pull.

2. Get the best website speed.

No matter how good your content is, people will abandon your website if the loading time interferes. Regularly check your website speed through the PageSpeed Google Tool. You can also increase your website speed by compressing images and reducing redirects.

3. Connect with Google Places for Business.

There is nothing more influential in SEO than Google. If you are looking to get more traffic from search engines, it only makes sense to utilize tools from Google for website page speed optimization.  One of these is Google Places for Business. Through this free tool, you can enlist your company’s working hours, phone number, and other contact information to Google Maps and Search.

4. Know what your readers want.

The people who visit your website and read your content come from different places and walks of life. Is it possible to know what common interests they have in relation to your website?

There is a simple trick for this: use Quora to understand your readers. Type in the chief keywords you want to use in your blog and research on the questions and concerns that people have regarding it. On one hand, you level with your audience by understanding their concerns. On the other hand, you find an easy way to look up blog topics.

5. Build up quality links

ahrefs backlink checker

There was a time when website owners buy links and website visitors to increase their ranking.

Now, Google is adamant in hunting down and penalizing these websites. Fortunately, you can still build up links in a credible and effective way.

Here’s how to do it:

Guest posting

Collaborating with influencers of your niche

Commenting on blogs and forums

Social media marketing

6. Share your articles through different networks.

Help people find your turf online. Although your main goal is to get more traffic from search engines, you can find visitors from other networks. Share your posts on your social channels and online forums such as Reddit and Quora.

7. Have a responsive layout.

If you are still constructing your website by considering it from a desktop’s viewpoint, you’re doing a disservice to your business. Today, people use their smartphones and mobile devices more often than they use computers. Make sure that your website adjusts fluidly to different devices and different screens. The text should also be readable regardless of where and how the content is accessed.

Bonus Tip: Hire a skilled content writer VA.

It takes skill to write for people and still be mindful of search engines. It takes talent to turn readers into subscribers who will share your posts to other people. You need a content writer to achieve these. Hiring a highly skilled writer is one of the best investments you can make with benefits that will last long and reach far.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of bucks to get visitors to your website. These 7 insider tips to get more traffic from search engines will make sure your website reaches the right audience. Are you ready for a traffic increase?

7 Insider Tips to Get More Traffic from Search Engines
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