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How to Avoid Mobile Phone Radiation?

Cell phones have become a part of our lives and not a day goes by, without you using it. Isn’t it? We use different gadgets that emit radiation in different levels and cell phones are a cause of major concern, because we use it more often and it is always placed in your pocket, or handbag, etc. In other words, it is in contact with your skin, for most part.

Avoid Phone Radiation

Radiation from cell phones and towers are linked to genetic damage, brain tumor and other radiation related problems. Though cell phones are around since 1980, it has gained widespread popularity after it went mainstream (made available for public use). However, they aren’t tested before being launched into the market. With increased use of cell phones and the radiation becoming a pertinent problem, health problems have cropped up. Though many studies claimed cell phones were safe and the radiation levels were bare minimum, it isn’t true.

Do you know World Health Organization (WHO) has listed radiation from cell phones as Class 2B Carcinogen, the class that includes Lead, DDT? Though it is not possible to get rid of cell phone from our lifestyle, but we can definitely make a few changes to avoid radiation from cell phones. Let’s take a look at few ways to reduce or eliminate phone Radiation

Use a Bluetooth headset or speakerphone or headset for calling. A cell phone is for talking and we don’t expect you to forego that! However, when you talk on phone, use a Bluetooth headset, speakerphone or a headset (wired). This is a lot better than having your cell phone close to your head and reduces the range or level of radiation.

If you can text, do it. This reduces the body contact period with your phone.

Don’t wear your phone: Most of us keep the phone in our pockets, pouch and wear it, etc. In other words, we keep it in close contact with the body. Instead, keep it away from you and make sure the antenna isn’t facing you, when not in use. You can also use a shielded pouch to reduce the intensity or level of radiation.

Use your phone when the signal indicating bars are at their maximum, that’s when your phone emits lesser radiation, as compared to the times when signal strength is low.

Do not use your cell phone when in plane, train, car or in elevators. They draw increased levels of power and emit more radiation when in confined metal spaces.

At home? Give your cell phone a miss and use your landline instead. Nope, wireless phones emit radiation too!

There are many radiation shields with different ways of operation. However, don’t use them. They make your phone emit more radiation!

Switch off your phones before hitting the bed. When not in use, switch off all wireless gadgets to ensure they don’t emit radiation.

When you follow these simple tips, you should be able to avoid radiation from cell phones.

How to Avoid Mobile Phone Radiation?
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