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Game Design Software and the Importance of Learning

Anyone who has played a computer game and enjoyed it has thought, ‘hold on, perhaps I can make one of these?’ Having this first thought is a long, long way from actually creating a game, and in between this first thought and actually creating your game is a process that can take years. Consequently it is extremely important that when you begin to use game design software you learn all about it, and how it can benefit you in your quest for game creation.

Making the step into top game design

Most people start off using the most basic of game design software to create simple games that set the stepping-stones for future improvements. Whilst this can be fun to begin with, and if you search around the Internet you can find some absolutely brilliant games that have been produced using basic software, unfortunately for the designer with strong ambitions to make big money in the gaming industry there has to be a next step in education. This is the stage thatseparates the big hitters in the gaming industry from the people satisfied with homebrew games. Once you have first stepped into the game design world, for some homebrew is not enough, and the basic level of knowledge that is gained with this kind of game design needs to be improved.

Teach yourself or be taught?

This begs the question, what exactly do you do once you have finished with basic game design software? You can decide whether you want to push your ambition with your own ideas and learn yourself, or head to one of the various game design schools around the globe which offer courses in game design, development and marketing. This is the part when you have a big decision, educating yourself in the higher standards of coding is extremely important but deciding on where you do that is even more. Recently Electronic Arts (EA), one of the biggest game developers in the world, have come out and claimed they would rather employ people who did not have a degree in game design. Consequently the question needs to be asked, does your education come from teaching yourself or from an education institute. What this does reveal to us is that education in game design is extremely important. The decision just has to be made whether you teach yourself, or have someone to teach you. EA argue that people are influenced too much by their courses, and consequently prefer people who have not been to a game design school.

The decision is all yours

Overall, it is just vitally important that you begin to understand the coding behind the top games. Your education in game design is important, but with the top game studios beginning to change their minds about qualifications, perhaps educating yourself could be the next big step in the life of a game designer. For you to make the next hit game for computers or consoles you need this experience, but only you can decide exactly which educational path you take.

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Game Design Software and the Importance of Learning
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