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Five iOS 6 Features That Did Not Come True

Many people were expecting a complete overhaul of Apple’s mobile operating system when iOS 6 was released. While the new released did include some excellent new features, some users still find themselves disappointed by the lack of certain additional features that they fully expected to see. Although Apple fans all over the world are looking forward to the improvements included in the new system, not all can be implemented. Some, like the ability to plug in separate game controllers, might not be the company’s top priority. These features in particular, however, were widely hoped for – and yet are still missing.

# 1: Widgets
Since the release of iOS 6, smartphone gurus and Apple fans alike have been scratching their heads, wondering why the company decided not to introduce widgets into their new mobile operating system. Simply put, widgets make the world go round – or at least the digital world. It is so much more convenient to simply look at the home screen on a phone for information from Facebook, news sites, investment trackers and any number of other relevant sources, instead of having to take the time to open an individual application to see each of them. Why on earth are there no widgets available in the new iOS?

# 2: No Folder Limits
There is no reason why a user should only be able to keep twelve items in a folder. People should have the ability to place all of their games, utilities and whatever other categories of apps they come up with into whatever folders they want without fear of reaching an application limit per folder. This is an odd, inconvenient and seemingly pointless requirement.

# 3: Siri Support for Applications from Third Parties
With the development of Siri, the possibilities were – or rather, should have been — virtually endless for this particular innovation. Having a voice command utility that worked seamlessly with social networking, music or business-related applications would have been an excellent time saver. However, here again Apple has failed to make a seemingly simple change that would greatly improve usefulness.

# 4: Application Defaults
One feature that that many users hope to see in a future operating system release (since it was not included in this one) is the ability to set certain apps as the default option for specific tasks. Whenever this feature is added, it will likely accompany the widgets feature discussed earlier. Although the predesignated default applications work fine in most cases, there are certainly situations in which they can feel extremely limiting or inconvenient.

# 5: Panorama Options in Camera
The proof has been available publicly for some time now that Apple was working on panoramic photo options for the new iOS, a feature many people were excited to get the chance to use. Whatever happened to it? Obviously it was scrapped, at least for the time being, but no other explanation has yet been offered. Of course, the experts in Cupertino Valley are likely stockpiling new features for the next iOS release, which certainly could include a panorama feature. Hope, after all, springs eternal.
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Five iOS 6 Features That Did Not Come True
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