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Email Password Hacking for Yahoo Accounts

Yahoo is one of the most widely used sites for sending email as there are different features available that the other sites don’t. Whatever be the email account, it is susceptible to hacking and intrusion if there is not a strong enough password for your account. If you have a strong and complicated password, it is likely that you forget it. This is where the hacking comes into use. The yahoo password hacking is not only used for the miscreants for misapplying it but also when an owner of the yahoo account forgets or loses his password. The second case happens when the account is left unused for a long time. Here are a few methods of hacking yahoo password.
  • Of the many methods of hacking passwords, one of the genuine methods is the application of the keylogging software. Some professional hackers have it that most of the software applications that claim to crack the password of the users actually are not of any use. 
  • Instead, keylogging is the easiest way of hacking a yahoo password or any other password for that matter. A keylogging software keeps a record of each stoke that is applied to the keyboard and by following the records you can track the password of the person.
  • There is no special knowledge required for using the keylogging software. Two of the best keylogging software programs are SniperSpy and WinSpy which are both user friendly and operate on stealth mode that you can perform clandestine hacking.
  • An additional method of yahoo password hacking is the creation of fake yahoo login page for encroaching into other’s yahoo accounts. Remember the fake yahoo login page consists of three files namely login.php, Yahoo.htm and yahooPasswords.htm.  
  • You need to first take out the fake yahoo login page by downloading it from either link 1 or link 2 to your computer.
  • The next step is to upload the downloaded files to a web hosting space that supports the language php. There are many web hosting sites where you can host for free. The uploading of files can be done by visiting the Control Panel and then to File Manager from which you can choose the files that are to be uploaded.
  • Now select the login.php and YahooPasswords.htm followed by Chmod. The permissions are now to be set as 777 and send the URL of the fake login page to the victim’s id. When the victim logs in through your fake page, you are done with the hacking process.
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Email Password Hacking for Yahoo Accounts
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