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All You Need to Know About Shopify Theme Design

Shopify’s inability to provide us with a drag and drop button has been an ongoing conversation for a while. At least now we have what they call Shopify Sections. With this tool you can now move items around homepage content which makes up for the loss of a drag and drop editor. This theme design has become so popular and lately there are thousands of people flocking to shopify theme design to look for great design to upload to their websites.

shopify theme design

Of course there are moment when you would like to design your own theme and the shopify theme manager will be able to help you work through that. It is quite exciting to work on your own theme because you can truly reflect the look and feel you want for your website. Shopify is a great place to do this. It is always a bit of a challenge to get familiar with any new platform and designing your first theme might seem like a daunting task. We are here to help guide you through the process. Here is all you need to know to get started on your first theme.

Get to know Liquid

Liquid is Shopify’s open source template language. At first it takes some time to get use to but once you are going, you will be able to create beautiful themes. Liquid acts as the middle man between Shopify’s store and HTML. If you are new to template languages you might have to take some time to research Liquid. Luckily Shopify has a lot of informational articles on how to use Liquid when designing your first them e.

Theme review process

Not all themes are published in the Shopify store. There is a criteria and process you have to go through before you can be published. This is why it is important to familiarize yourself with the theme review process before you get started. You don’t want to be investing a lot of time in designing a theme, only to have it not make the cut. Your theme submission will be assessed aesthetics, layout as well as the little details you include that is unique to your theme alone.


Listen, everything is worth taking a chance on. After understanding the theme creator language and the requirements of Shopify, it is time to cast out your nets and create your first theme. There are a lot of themes already created on Shopify and it is important that you get creative. You want your theme to have something special and you can achieve that by taking your time and create a theme that you will put on your own website. Look at the current popular themes and see what you can do to make yours even better. Research has never failed anyone.


If your passion truly lies with designing themes, Shopify has all the elements you need to get there. Before you know it you will be selling themes galore. Everyone has to start somewhere so do not be freaked out in the beginning. Practice makes perfect and you must just keep going until you are a professional, which is totally possible.

All You Need to Know About Shopify Theme Design
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