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7 iOS Apps to Beat Stress and Boost Your Mind Power

Our mind is the most powerful organ of our body.It can make us feel cold during the hottest days of summer and can even make us feel hot in the coldest days of winter. It controls all the organs of our body. If you can gain control over your mind, nothing in the world can stop you from being at peace.

If you can correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.” – Lao Tzu

To relief your mind from stress, sharpen your memory and gain control over your mind, you need to exercise your mind at a regular basis.

Some apps to exercise your mind are given below:

#1. Stress Relief Adult Color Book

stress relief coloring

Stress Relief Adult Color Book is an outstanding app which shows that stress can be healed with the magical effect of coloring. It is unknown to many people that coloring can relax our mind and calm it down. Yes, it can. This app uses the healing effect of colors.

In this app, you get a lot of pictures like, owls, deep sea, elephants, birds, geometry shapes, mandalas etc. All these pictures have intricate designs within them. The magic begins here – this app provides a huge color palate, from where you can choose colors and fill all the intricate parts of the picture. While you do so, the colors start effecting your brain and your mind gets relaxed.

Price: FREE

#2. ReliefLink


People who reach the extreme point of depression and frustration generally tend to commit suicide. This suicidal tendency is very harmful. When we fail to understand the meaning of life, our survival seems pointless. But life can’t be meaningless, if you are surviving then there is some reason for your survival.

This app is designed to bring back your confidence and to give you some support when you are already losing it. This app first understands you properly, your moods, your symptoms and your reactions. Later it designs a profile for you through which you can receive a daily update as to how you must survive everyday, inspiring quotes, news, creates a safety plan, your medication routines etc. You can rely on this app for your personal betterment.

Price: FREE

#3. Lumosity


This is an app that challenges your brain’s memory, concentration or attention power and many more other sides of the brain that help us survive better in our daily life. Lumosity is used by more than 70 million people throughout the world. It has more than 25 cognitive games in the daily training program that will challenge your brain. These games will adapt themselves according to your individual performances and will challenge your brain so that it functions faster and better.

This app is designed by a team of scientists and designers, who explore new ways to challenge the brain and help in cognitive research.

Price: FREE

#4. CogniFit Brain Fitness


To keep the brain healthy and ever active, it is necessary to exercise it regularly. You can exercise your brain by playing different brain games. In this app, you will get games to challenge your mind and your cognitive skills. These games have been designed by neuro scientists after lots of experiments and studies. It is really cool and a great tool to enhance memory power. So, if you are really in search for an app to increase brain power, then you can download CogniFit Brain Fitness and experience the difference.

This app is designed to give you an optimized and personalized training for your brain. The features of this app are:

  • Trains your brain within a click
  • Gets access to your brain and helps you develop your cognitive and mind skills
  • Provides you personalized results

Price: FREE

#5. Personal Zen

personal zen

Stress and anxiety trouble our mind and leave us feeling bitter. With stress and anxiety, our mind is filled up with negative thoughts and tensions. It is very important to get rid of the stress and anxieties and restore positive thoughts in our brains.

To help you get rid of your anxieties, this app is scientifically designed to relief your mind. To lower the stress level, people need to play this game for atleast 5 to 10 minutes at a stretch for some time in a week. Playing for much longer time has shown drastic results by reducing the stress to a maximum level. Get this app on your phone to never trouble yourself with stress the next time.

Price: FREE

#6. Happify: Science-Based Activities and Games for Stress and Anxiety Relief


This is a personalized app that takes care of your personal well being, your mental health and relieves you from stress and anxieties. This app is aimed at enhancing your mental peace. Most of the people these days suffer from constant negative thoughts, stress and anxiety. Such a mental state can take a toll on our health.

This app will ask you personalized questions so that it knows you properly. Once it has gathered all the details about you, it will provide you interesting games through which you will be able to fight your stress, negative thoughts and anxieties. It is a cool app and you can download it and experience a better life.

Price: FREE

#7. Eidetic – Learn & remember anything


We are so technically advanced these days that we do not need to remember anything , phone numbers are saved in our phones, important dates and facts are just a click away with internet and so on. This easy life has a bad effect on our memory power. We fail to remember things, our focusing capability is dimed and we are becoming less active. Though we do not understand it always, but it is a big problem.

It is a huge trouble especially for the next generation kids. They will stop using their brains and will be at a great loss. But with this app, things won’t get any worse. This app trains your brain to remember phone numbers, bank details, important facts, quotes, words and ideas. Download this app to sharpen your memory power.

Price: FREE

With the apps mentioned above, you will be able to find solace in the midst of anxiety, stress and depression. Peace of mind is more than anything in the world, money can’t buy it , it can be only achieved through development of positive thoughts. The more you train your mind to think positive, the better lifestyle you achieve.

7 iOS Apps to Beat Stress and Boost Your Mind Power
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