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5 Ways to use Twitter to Connect your Business

You know that everyone is saying Twitter is a great way to connect your business, but you are not quite sure how to get started. Tweeting seems like a complex and time consuming effort and you certainly don’t have time to waste. How can you be wise in how you Tweet? Is there any way to make twitter work well for you? Well, here are five ways you can make your company’s Tweets be successful. 

1.    Big picture – Don’t confine yourself to just what your company is selling. No one wants to read a Twitter feed full of ads. Instead, connect with your community. Look at what is going on around you and make your Tweets relevant. Not only will you get more followers, you will also learn more about what your customers want.

2.    Add something – You don’t want to be the guy that just re-Tweets everything. Come up with your own interesting stories, blogs, or news items. Just a few minutes of searching can add some relevant information to your Tweets. Anything you happen to run across in real life can make for interesting news also.

3.    Be real – A real Twitter account is not all about one thing. You can Tweet about your local area, national news, or even funny jokes. Add some flair to your Tweets to keep them from being repetitive and boring. If you’ve got the personality, the followers will come. 

4.    Chill – Don’t stress. Twitter is a great way to connect, but it is also extremely resilient. If you miss a few days, make a mistake, or don’t bother to respond to direct messages, don’t sweat it. Yes, you should interact regularly, but if something comes up, you can always come back to it later; no harm, no foul.

5.    Balance –
Twitter can be a wonderful tool or it can be a great waste of time. Make sure you keep track of your goal and don’t spend too much time and effort for little return. It doesn’t take much to make Twitter as helpful as it can be, but don’t expect to have a thousand followers your first week. Take it a little at a time and make sure you don’t forget your goals. 

Those are just five of the many things that make business Tweeting successful. You may find your own rules as you go along, but these will at least get you started. Find out what your company has to offer and make new connections. You might be surprised at the people and companies you run across. 
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5 Ways to use Twitter to Connect your Business
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