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5 Surprising Benefits Of Cloud Unified Communications

For all the discussion that has occurred regarding the cloud, there is still plenty of ground to cover. While the idea of a better way to communicate should be appealing to organizations on its own, there are still many other advantages to cloud-based unified communication that are not as well addressed as others. These benefits, while not always well publicized, can still have a major positive impact on many aspects of business operations. It will be important to understand them in order to maximize their potential. Here are five of the most surprising benefits to cloud communications:

1) Cloud UC Reduces Environmental Footprint
What is great about the cloud is that it is a virtual environment. Networks and endpoints are digitized, making them accessible anywhere there is an Internet connection. But the quest for simplification has resulted in another unexpected perk: The fewer physical machines that are in use, the less energy a company consumes.
According to Sustainable Brands contributor Matt Smith, the dynamic allocation of resources that is possible through the use of solutions like cloud PBX also allows systems to be used more efficiently. The outcome of this is a set of greener machines with a much lower energy output than on-premises offerings.
2) Cloud Servers Are Inherently More Secure
One of the biggest problems facing enterprises today is the advanced risk of cyberattacks. With so many communications platforms being routed over IP, businesses will have to consider not only the most efficient course of action, but also the safest.
This is where hosted phone service can come in handy. Not only will text and voice lines be protected by the security already in place on a business’s networks, but, according to BusinessNewsDaily contributor Ryan Goodrich, cloud services that are hosted offsite are physically safer. This keeps the lines of communication not only protected digitally, but it can keep them up and running in the event of a disaster at the office.
3) Traveling Expenses Reduced
There are many necessary meetings that need to occur in order to keep enterprises running effectively. As companies get bigger, this may need to happen on a national or even international scale. Cloud UC can remove the travel expenses associated with many modern businesses by offering advanced video and voice meeting capabilities.
4) Talent Pool Increases
Thanks to hosted phone systems, the same capabilities that reduce travel costs can help companies find the right person for the job every time they need it.
With more workplaces going remote, it stands to reason that potential employees need not live near the physical base of operations in order to join the team. Many modern UC advantages can put people located around the world into the same room in a way that is beneficial for everyone involved. 
5) A Boost In Morale
One of the best ways to get employees excited about going to work is to give them the tools that they need to do their jobs well. 

“Your business relies on your staff to be happy and productive, and nothing can ruin staff morale quite like old systems that neither work to their full potential nor allow your team to do the same,” said Cloud Computing Best Practices contributor K. Matthews. 
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5 Surprising Benefits Of Cloud Unified Communications
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