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5 Most Important Gadgets for Business Owners

To have a successful business in today’s world, business owners need to invest in certain electronic gadgets. These devices will enable a business owner to keep a closer eye on the pulse of their industry while also enabling them to monitor workplace operations from anywhere in the world. Due to the likelihood of traveling with the majority of these gadgets, whether on a daily commute or on an international outing, it is highly
advised that business owners make sure to also invest in business car insurance and quality car insurance policy which will cover their portable electronics in the event of a car accident.


Nothing keeps a business owner in better contact with the office than a Smartphone. Not only will the phone provide basic voice functionality, but it also carries with it the ability to synch up to the owner’s calendar and e-mail account, ensuring that there will never be a missed meeting. Owners will also be able to post Tweets and updates to their business Facebook page on the go, keeping their customers apprised of all of the latest sales. Most professionals prefer an iPhone, Samsung Epic or Blackberry.

Bluetooth Headset

Most business owners spend a lot of time behind the wheel of a vehicle; getting a hands free headset will dramatically improve the functionality of what was deemed once upon a time as wasted time. Sure, you can conduct business via your cell phone without a Bluetooth, but why take on the increased risk of being in an accident or getting pulled over by a police officer? A hands free headset allows business owners to stay in touch while taking on a lot less risk.

Mobile Payments

To go along with your Smartphone, every tech savvy business owner should be setting up the option to accept mobile payments from customers. Not only does this allow you the ability to conduct business from virtually anywhere, including industry trade shows, but it also provides you with a viable backup option for electrical outages and other unplanned events. Mobile payments also have the advantage of being new enough to make you look hip while being well known enough to not intimidate the majority of your customers. Those looking to get started with mobile payments will find a wide range of available options. Square is perhaps the most popular to date, but there are also several options that are made for usage with specific phones, such as the iPhone Mophie case.


The advent of YouTube and social networking sites forever changed the way in which businesses interact with their clients. It is now expected that a company will provide content across a broad spectrum of media, with short videos being a popular way to showcase new products and other ideas. Clients also enjoy the personal approach of being able to observe the actions of the people who are maintaining their accounts or selling them regular merchandise. Uploading videos to your company’s website or Facebook page from trade shows, for example, will help to highlight your company’s popularity along with its personality.


Although most people view iPad’s and other similar devices as more of a format to store eBooks, they can also be utilized as a marketing tool. The iPad has a high storage capacity and therefore you can store reports, graphs, presentations, videos and more that relate to your business. The next time you find yourself in an impromptu discussion on an airplane with a potential future client, you’ll be able to do much more than simply hand them your business card; turning on your iPad, after you’ve been cleared to do so by the flight crew, of course, will allow you to fill the interested person’s flight time with a hands on look at your company, perhaps securing you a new client before the landing gear reconnects with the tarmac. iPad’s can also be utilized to run a slideshow or other visual presentation at events like trade shows.

Tying It All Together

Although many new business owners will attempt to cut corners financially, obtaining all of the above listed items is the best way to run and represent your business. A Smartphone is the natural first place to start for those on a budget, but once you’ve obtained the other four must have gadgets you’ll be at a loss for how you ever operated without them.

Businesses that expand their operations and have multiple people in management positions should definitely consider equipping each manager with all of the aforementioned products. While it is most important for the owner to have easy access to connecting with and promoting their business, don’t miss out on the countless free marketing and sales opportunities that can happen for your business when you least expect it.
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5 Most Important Gadgets for Business Owners
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