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5 Great Apps For Choosing And Moving Into A Brand New Home

Eventually you’ll need to pack up your things and move into a new home and when they day comes it can be difficult. There are so many things that can trip you up along the way, but you will fair better if you use some great moving apps and we’re going to look at what is available at the moment. We’ll even touch on a few that will help you find your perfect home before you even need to think about the move.

Move Planner

Before you attempt to put anything into boxes you should stop and think for a minute. There are hundreds of potential tasks you’ll need to carry out if you want the move to go smoothly and Move Planner will give you everything you need by providing you with a huge list of tasks you can tick off as you’re going along. If you follow one of these apps you have a much higher chance of guaranteeing you don’t forget anything that could come back to bite you further down the line.


The demographics of an area might be important to a lot of people. If you’re a young professional you might not want to move into an area full of retirees. If you have a young family you might want to move into an area with lots of young families so your kids will be able to make friends easily. Sitewise will help you scout an area before you decide to buy a house there because you don’t want to realize you’ve made a mistake after you’ve already moved in.

House Hunter

Everyone will have different needs when they’re buying a new home and if you can’t find what you’re looking for you will have to move onto the next one. The reason House Hunter is so beneficial is because you’ll be able to look through a list of different features and you can choose the ones you’d like to have in your future home. You’ll now have a tool to score houses when you go around viewing them and you can tick the features off the list to see which one is the best fit.

My Move

If you are moving all your possessions from one place to another you’ll need to employ a great moving company and My Move will help you find one. You can read lots of reviews from happy or disgruntled customers to find out who to trust. If you’re looking for a piano mover you might want a company that doesn’t have a record of destroying larger items. The app will also help you calculate the weight of all your possessions so you know whether or not you’ll need to hire someone with bigger trucks.

Moving Day

When the day comes for you to finally start throwing your stuff into boxes you’ll need to do it carefully so you know where everything is. This will come in very handy when you arrive at your new home, because you might not want to unpack everything straight away but you’ll still need access to certain things. The app will let you print out bar codes to stick on all your boxes and when you scan them it will automatically tell you what is inside each box.

5 Great Apps For Choosing And Moving Into A Brand New Home
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